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change to careful, "good bedding"


"if you want to create and achieve lasting value, don’t just follow the trend of creating a business that has no character."."

recently CITIC publishing house a "singularity series including" from 0 to 1 "," union "," difficult "," one of several books from 0 to 1 "this book is the most fire, suddenly become insiders drunby tools, all kinds of circle of friends of the sun all the recommended articles, flying. Douglas is the laity, also bought, read, also aired in the circle of friends.



Xu Jia said that he had his own life plan before long ago. In the IT industry, he has completed his goal and wanted to change a new environment. Former Sina forum director, interactive editor in chief Dong Wenjun in micro-blog also confirms Xu Jia’s argument. "The big brother is the technical core of our team. One day he told us to resign from Beijing and start his business," he said. "Search for another self.". Thus, the capital of a cattle forced and bitter siege of the lion, but a lot of foreign land is smart and hearty fruit vendors. Tribute, dare to give up, re start the brave! He is @ micro group, small assistant and other products creators."

first of all, based on a new creative and business innovation through monopoly will undoubtedly help maintain the value of income, a persistent however, around the service center and the needs of users, or basic demand is limited, the basic creative generated around the basic demand limited also must be limited the face is limited, seek unlimited innovation monopoly initial creative.

today’s topic of thinking: from 0 to 1, is it suitable for China’s national conditions?


in the face of Internet users marvel and ridicule, the parties Xu Jia appears rather calm. On micro-blog, he concentrated on selling big cherries in his shop. He laughed at himself for "fire." but I warned myself that the fire was not important, and the most important thing was to do what is right now".

may follow the book to follow the trend of the book is also a non performance, and before you follow the trend, you need to be independent thinking, as the book said on page 25,

"in 2011, he was a PHP siege division network terminology, meaning, and engineers brothers fight until midnight for Sina micro group 2 line; in 2013, he left IT, turn into a fruit shop owner……" The day before, a former colleague of a micro-blog and two "shocking" comparison of former IT male, fruit shop owner Xu Jiahong through half of the internet. The picture shows, IT male period Xu Jia wearing glasses, dark complexion, and "diverted to sell fruit", glasses picked, people become white, and even hair grow out……" There are netizens sigh, which can be seen, "procedures ape" life more sad reminder, "to be handsome, good health, or sell fruit to go!"

"IT men selling fruit" has jumped Sina, micro-blog’s hot topic, "initiator" net friend "@ fork packet", this release in April 27th, micro-blog was wildly transferred 7000 times. Yesterday, even CCTV news micro-blog began "from a technical point of view, IT male Xu Jia gorgeous turn."".

note: PayPal founder, Facebook’s first outside investor Peter · Peter Thiel’s new book, from 0 to 1, seems to set off a wave of reading hot Internet circles. Relying on the bull in the field of science and technology, venture investment in the field of fame, "do not run in order to follow the fashion," "losers" to competition, entrepreneurs should choose monopoly"… "These chicken soup style" venture gold sentence began to become popular. The cover of this book has been drying around WeChat’s circle of friends – if you have a few friends who are interested in starting a business, you must be shot. However, titanium media author Douglas has something to say, Theil entrepreneurship theory landing in the Chinese

1, innovative monopoly may be, but not necessarily universal

suggests, "be careful, think carefully, and make the groundwork."". Xu Jia has been selling fruit part-time when he resigned from the IT industry. "Before I quit, I had been selling fruit part-time, while doing some fruit sorting, picking, packing, transporting, etc.."."

, as in the 31 page of the book,

Xu Jia in his April 27th micro-blog mentioned, "as a programmer for five years, because of the boss’s cultivation promotion, but also because of a bit of luck, and finally awarded the equivalent of the architect’s rank.". Looking at the rank of title, tears welled up in my eyes. The wishes of all these years have come true. How things change, the environment is from the heart, but I want to search for another self. Now I quit my job and sell fruit."

repeatedly thought paced, although also found the essence of this book, also found the good, but always feel the core idea isn’t suitable to Chinese, perhaps more people go to the counter herd might cause more, sigh, to break the information asymmetry in the Internet today, and why the so-called law from the basic the situation will be chasing so excessive.

"Before you make a change,"

IT male change "fruit brother"

"the most counter mainstream action is not to resist the tide, but to throw away its independent thinking in the trend."."

in the fire before the phenomenon, calm down, independent thinking time must be retained, otherwise we encourage is that classic ridicule words, this country is too many fools, too little liar.

has read the book, and how did you prove it when you read it?

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