Chongqing student website interviewMagic box advertising platform from today on the implementation o


dragon calf: Yes, can you tell me the technology and pages of the student network in Chongqing and what you are doing alone?.

dragon calf: Chongqing student network, the original domain name does not seem to be 21qn. Net, right,

 :     the specific settlement is: according to natural week settlement, next week on Wednesday, we will be full 100 yuan advertising costs of the main settlement of the website, less than 100 yuan automatic extension.

third grade: it was 21qn before. COM is used and classmates to do it, a domain name for the two of them after the exit, I now re-use their own program their own website design, now the Chongqing student network is my own station.

dragon calf: OK, third grade, introduce yourself,

dragon calf: 21qn. What are the user groups of net,

three days: mainly for college students, students in Chongqing: there are two aspects of understanding. First, students studying abroad in Chongqing, two of students studying abroad in Chongqing, are our service objects, but also our users,

3: We used to have a team, but because everyone is busy, I have to go to work, so it’s industry


3: now mainly around the students. Now the service has expanded a lot. For example, we provide business translation, these are given to college students to do. Family education, campus job, campus secondary and so on, we also introduce an important plan is made for the campus, since the last time to participate in the filming of < mountain workers > after the original vision I have on the agenda.

      welcome old and new webmaster brothers to continue to support and help!

dragon calf: tell me about your intention to build this website,

      in order to celebrate the "magic box advertising platform" http://s.u.molihe revision on-line operation smoothly, from now on, the implementation of "week knot" way back to the webmaster.

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan

host: Dragon calf MSN:[email protected] welcome to provide interview clues!

dragon calf: now? What kind of content is it?

third grade: students, in addition to learning, is entertainment, so entertainment is another task for us.


third grade: when we were in college, we got a job experience. We hope to have a platform on the Internet to provide convenient jobs for ourselves. At that time, there were no online resumes. We have to do their own personal website, then we want to have this idea, certainly many people, why don’t we help them? They may not have the time and experience to do this, we do this platform. Initially, it will help graduate employment and provide some relevant guidance.

      interactive wide media;

profile: at the beginning of September, three, the real name Ni Xizhang; age 24 years old; now is the Chongqing student network webmaster.

3: I’m three in early September. My real name is Ni Xizhang. Age: 24 years old. This is the Chongqing student network W ww. 21qn. Net webmaster. At present, Chongqing student network intends to set up network companies, is currently applying for registration

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