For start ups is the acquisition of talent is not the best choiceDo not know whether the site does

engineers can buy as much as $500 thousand to $1 million, often in the form of shares, which are mainly allocated to founders, employees and investors in start-ups. Employees who receive the acquisition will receive high salaries and, in most cases, get more stock options.

I studied finance, because of the hobby of the website, I founded the first gold net.

The development of the

due to the scarcity of talent, talent competition intensified in some areas, such as social networks, are often high priced acquisition of outstanding talent, in their view, really good is not much, a high expense, also has the advantage of large companies.

Y Combinator founder Paul Graham said: "who are we? By the first 1 million young entrepreneurs to stop what they earn in life,"

has been doing the first gold network, but has been staying up late analysis, there are many problems, began to doubt whether the network is not dedicated people, it is not suitable for site,

content should, many are original, but it is more professional and original Baidu not included, so I was very confusing, so in each page of Baidu search code, hoping to get the favor of Baidu.

web site can be said to be hard, Baidu is not included, there is a problem, that there was a problem, SEO, I will not, so the program, the program designer to find people to resolve problems, SEO problems, only adhere to update, adhere to is victory, but now there is no victory.

thanks a lot. website address

if you’re starting a startup, you’re going to be a company, and the goal is to be bought by a big company, so it’s good to be bought.

doesn’t know whether webmaster friends can give me a reasonable suggestion. In terms of the website, the website is a professional field, and now there is less competition. How can I quickly provide the amount of visit?





but if you don’t intend to be bought, then being a talent acquisition is definitely a bad result. Self satisfaction is a failure in itself.


website has been doing for a long time, in terms of traffic, it has not been well developed, and has kept the original amount of visits. It’s a bit depressing. I don’t know where the problem is.

some time ago Silicon Valley whipped up a whirlwind of talent acquisition Facebook, shlf1314, Zynga, network like hunger and thirst to talents, talents are usually acquired by the number of their pricing, the purpose of the acquisition is generally in order to obtain the excellent engineer and founder, rather than the product itself, entrepreneurial companies, acquired by big companies is good or bad


in addition to material things, they have also gained fame, what? When a startup acquired by big companies, there are media reports: "Wow, look at the company has been acquired a large company, the founder of Niubi" or the like, looks very bright, can be big fancy and that entrepreneurial company team has its value. The original Facebook to $1 billion acquisition of Instagram, do not know how much envy of the entrepreneurial team, founder of the Kevin head ring, all of the dishes.

was acquired by big companies, but also a simple way out, 500Startup founder Dave Macclure has said: "if the rapid growth of entrepreneurial enterprises, the average income of the acquisition of talent is better than no acquisition.". And, while millions of dollars of buyout money are not worth mentioning for their funds, they are a substantial income for engineers who have just gone out of college.


since then, the entrepreneurial team can sit back and relax, no start-up companies suffering forced life, into the big company, work life has been guaranteed, the pressure is even smaller.

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