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Hello, we are now in our own business, can help sweep a yard it, pay attention to it, we do nutritious meals……

: the difficult business; the first emperor venture not half, the Tathagata collapse.

everybody webmaster, everybody:

Abstract: from the moment you determined to start a business, you broke your angel’s wings.

wedge · mysterious forces

but there are too few old drivers, probably because they insist on pushing too much

has The tune lingered in the room. curl.

I was a lady for example, it is said that Iraq is still in a couple of months ago on the roadshow with investors his blood to say "entrepreneurship is the ideal and life of my choice, I know I’m not a mature enterprise willing in the dawdle", quickly went to a state when go to the pr. By virtue of state-owned platform endorsement, admitted to a well-known domestic MBA, according to her own real life planning, then she should smoothly and class a successful students sit in. I do not know when she will own the smug joke for a year, but a line of code, a number of public articles, a shop business isn’t ideal.


I don’t know which secret and great group, organized a whole bunch of girls with 5 points and no more, carrying a cell phone on the subway and selling it on the way:

seriously, I think the group behind the scenes is really bursting. Chess amazing he must be in the next big game, a game of human AlphaGo see him "comeback".

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, you who kindly tell me what time from the beginning, "I say in the business, has become a standard Shanghai Beijing girl battles?……


entrepreneurship: create, build, foundation, cause,

"Hello, we’re starting our own business now. Can we help sweep the yard?"

at the end of last year, I sent a text, there is a period of almost to plead the general upright exhortation make early investments friends, don’t meddle is the founder of women’s project.

– Modern Chinese dictionary · entrepreneurship

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I stared at the girl closely, looked around for several times, except for herself, and didn’t see what she was saying "we", or a ghost story on the subway. But when she said those words, really an enigmatic aura, as though in her behind thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers.

this is an extremely ordinary scene in an extremely casual day in the entrepreneurial heartland of Beijing.

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