To entrepreneurs how to build a All Star entrepreneurial teamMaster Meng Bing West Entrepreneurship

, a number of local business mentors, shared advice on how to select the right team members for your start-up company. We’ve sorted out some of the highlights for you, below:

once you’re sure what you need, start with the one you know. Your social circle is a great place to find potential Co founders. People who have cooperated with each other are more likely to be considered, because you are already familiar with each other’s work attitude and have mutual trust and respect for each other. Kevin and Julia Hartz not only met each other before they created Eventbrite, but later got married.

has the right entrepreneurial team, can achieve twice the result with half the effort. Not only will investors want to hear about your business ideas, but you’ll also be interested in knowing your team story.

, or is it finding a co founder? That’s the ultimate problem for all entrepreneurs. Although there is no standard answer, but if you decide to recruit a co founder, it’s important to find someone who works with you.

‘s founding team will spend a lot of time talking about problems and overcoming obstacles, so it’s like making gunpowder. Only by adding the right chemicals can you make the most beautiful sparks. And the relationship between you and the co founders is like a marriage in the business world.

then I worked as a technology company. I did a lot of projects and failed, but the business didn’t stop. By April 8th of this year, we opened our first store, which should be one of the more successful I have done in many projects. By now, it’s 8 months now. There are many predecessors in the traditional industries, they understand our business data and do very well.


specifically how to find the founding partner,

secondly, share your thoughts with them. Your co founders need to have the same passion and commitment to your entrepreneurial thinking. It takes years of dedication to build a thriving company, so one wants to be as self as you

about dropping out of business

Is it a lonely business for

, as co founder, will be able to add skills to the team and help you stay focused and motivated. In fact, there are very few companies that are successful and profitable, so investors are more likely to invest in start-up teams than independent entrepreneurs.

below is Meng soldier. Excerpts:

went out of school when he was reading, because I worked for the Tencent for over a year after graduation, and then went to sh419. In fact, the work is also good, including career development is relatively smooth. But it may be said why entrepreneurship, I think this is a life choice, it is a completely different way of life, which may be determined by personality. In fact, when I was in high school, I have a little business, after the concept of entrepreneurship, I hope I can have a career, it is not working, it can be when you grow old, even if you had not at the time, but you can do is to stay, it is meaningful, that you came to this world. Not only is the annual salary in a good company, and then let yourself have a good life. I don’t think it might mean that much.

, I’m Simon young, founder, Meng Bing. Before I did this project, I worked for Tencent and sh419, and also started cross-border business. Now we have created a fast food franchise category, the performance in the industry category has more alarming data, and hope to have more exchanges with you.

yesterday, in the "Chinese entrepreneur" conference, founder of the West master Meng Bing made a speech, he said that he had dropped out in the business, the Tencent spent 1 years, and then went to the middle of the sh419, a technology company, has also done a lot of other projects have failed, only to sell hamburger is successful, after the success of the old club by mind, said to resign sell hamburger shameful waste of resources.

Abstract: remember, the control is in your hands, and you have the responsibility and ability to build an all-star startup team,

The founders of During the last session of the Tallinn Institute for founder research,

when I was young, I felt more confident and felt that I could have more ability to compare with others. Of course, many children could have such an idea. If you think you’re different, you should take more, you should do something different from others. When we were young, we learned how to "reach the world". I don’t think it’s necessary to be in a very good society when you are really rich or energetic. We were born in this age, and we could create something. In the Spider Man movie, there is a saying, "the greater the power, the greater the nature.". I want to be a company and be a brand. Whether it’s reading, or at sh419, the Tencent. I think I went to sh419, Tencent, I learned how others do the company, the company can do what it looks like. This is my biggest achievement, and it is also an important reason for my work.


should focus on quality rather than quantity, because part of your job is to link those with people you have the same drive and passion.


actually, we keep telling people to do it

selects co-founder

first, make sure your short board is clear. Whether it’s in a particular process or in the entire business world, you need to link your skills to your work. Remember, you must learn to learn from each other. Take a typical example: Intel, Gordon, ·, Moore, and Bob · Noyce is their founder, and Moore understands chemistry, and Noyce understands physics.

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