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? This is not a test of

numbers, we also intend to distinguish relatively high, just want to ask a question: get grovelling present in a number of vertical electric providers, why cosmetics market segments also so lively

so high margin is the premise of the story. Regardless of the United States or le bee, have made clear that the important reason for the on-line own brand is "sell other people’s things do not earn money."". In other words, relative to B2C, brand electricity providers have greater margin space.


in the vertical concentration of the top three areas of clothing, the earliest shoes first broke out, slow fading, cosmetics is increasingly flourishing, this is why

| Yan Xiaolin

The first PK ?

after the Spring Festival lively business, from jumei’s 3rd anniversary anniversary and Le bee network "peach blossom festival". The end of the holiday back to the start of the work, especially in Beijing, the basic eye is not open around the two companies: subway, the station is "to bring their own advertisements for salt", the next station is probably not the United States do not live; missed the company downstairs in the advertising screen "the half off". But the wrong Hunan TV breakdown upset; open micro-blog, is still the two dial in dazuizhang, are selling fake, Cuanhuo, site downtime, delivery delays and other hot sauces, ending their first day to achieve 500 million and 122 million sales announcement.

, in the SP to CP transformation of the journey, palm well-informed and Hurray century faster than anyone else. However, they are closer to each other at a dangerous distance

Hurray: the next earthquake?

According to the

"and informed, Hurray revenue plunged, has been in the money show, immediately the earthquake.

not only electricity providers, the entire cosmetics industry to give the outside world the most striking impression, that is, high margin. But how high? Net advertising, promotional costs, brand really make money? Compared with traditional electricity supplier line brand, cost and profit structure? Taobao such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain little head emerge much brand, Japan and South Korea, the European and American popular what seemed for a time to copy what everyone can do cosmetics. How do these products are saved out? Reliable? Is still the insiders, outsiders carefully conceal mentioning innumerable mark not to know the depth of things.

in the past few months, the startup reporter visited

almost never involved in the electricity supplier Cai Wensheng, also cast a product line complete, in the Tmall make-up category to do the first electricity supplier cosmetics brand PBA Private Beauty Adviser, sent times security. His answer may have a certain reference: Taobao, Jingdong and other electricity providers integrated platform Jiangshan has been determined, the future opportunities are vertical platform. The different vertical field outbreaks have successively, and the cosmetics ranking very near the top, because the margin is very high, and has the characteristics of standardization, the supply chain is short, young audience, brand, repeat purchase rate is higher for network sales. The current property is a vertical platform or a brand, just a different pointcut, not a final state. Platform to push its own brand trends have been very obvious, brand bigger may also support the platform.



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