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you pay it at app store, the price is 12 yuan, starting today from a week of half price concessions, but for a fun new applications, there are still some small expensive. Pay it personally feel that you may wish to add some similar automatic picture processing function automatic generation of cartoon version, like Avatar version of avatar upload photos, near field social function, shake the selected interesting people pay way, so that I may feel more value for money.


so I’m crazy to find information about Taobao on the Internet, all the Taobao forums are collected, the impression of A5 Trading Forum Taobao section is more active. At that time, I also soak this forum for the longest time. To understand Taobao customer base with the knowledge I confused, because Taobao customers to promote the many channels, such as , SNS, forum, blog, website and so on, only a and there are many key words: red , group, space, friends, logs about, these are not contacted me. To think of a second, you must build up all your resources. Up to now, also didn’t know why so much momentum, at that time every thing to do is to collect the forum, blog, all above Taobao guest link sites are collected, the blog is a collection of more than 100 forum, a collection of more than 1000. There are other resources, such as everyone, small station, etc., can do Taobao guest website have collected, almost more than 1500. Registered more than 20 mailboxes, each site registered more than 20 accounts, such as NetEase blog, I have more than 20 accounts, you can imagine how crazy I, sleep four or five hours a day, the other time in the registered account, until now I have had a blog account. Registered account number, this is a very boring thing, open the Excel table, see a web site inexplicable irritability, many times thought to give up, may have formed this habit, actually insist on it.


sometimes it’s better to let a random machine algorithm make a decision, for example, when a friend gets together, he needs to decide who will pay the bill. In September 12th, just on the line of a app application you pay it, in order to solve this "who should pay" dilemma.

I’m a Taobao. I started in the first half of 2013, when I lost my job at home and found some part-time jobs on the website. Slowly come into contact with Taobao, then add some Taobao customers, they exchange in the group, they feel very much, basically refresh just add a few new orders, although it was a single second! Don’t know how they do it, but I was determined to do Taobao off the mind.

is one year double 11, whether you are single or not, regardless of whether you need to buy products, always on this day to a Taobao, Tmall, in the gun, please raise your hand. 2013 double 11 Carnival trading volume of new highs, I think this can not do without such a low-key crowd, they have a very cock silk name – Taobao guest, I am honored, I am one of them.

‘s application is not complicated. It is similar to the principle of choosing a restaurant before shaking it. Instead, the restaurant information is changed into a personal image of a friend. But you pay it can only solve 9 people following the dinner, Zhuang’s explanation is: "if the dinner more than 9 people, the amount of the bill may be relatively high, to pay a person could eat without."

The technical principle of !

, the producer of this app, is called melon studio, founder of Zhuang Jialin, UI designer of Tencent, and partner of Steven, a senior engineer of Tencent. The reason for doing the app came from Zhuang Jialin at a gathering of friends and found that everyone was racing to pay for it, but no one wanted to come up with it. Zhuang Jialin was excited by the small demand for this kind of life into app.

Taobao customers to promote some personal experience, just to illustrate one point: executive power is very important.

let me really feel this value, it is to help me solve the problems I have long choice phobia! When I tangled in several choices when I can come up with you pay it, which represents several options to upload pictures, let the machine to help me decide

is also a coincidence, then there is a Taobao A5 passenger section advertising LAN Phyl businesses, even if no deal pay traffic fee, then I try in the forum to send the business products, made about 100 forum, there is an order in the evening, I feel thrilled no waste of time, all are well worth. So I began to try to choose product promotion, in order to make money, of course, or choose a high commission products, and then did not know how to choose products, just from A5>

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