Do not worry about the transition the end of the world to do these 3 things

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following Katie, but also a domestic BBS veteran website, Tianya community finally landed three new board, becoming a member of the ranks of listed companies recruits.

revealed that the main purpose of the listing is to solve the company’s short-term liquidity needs. Company in July 9, 2015 and July 24, 2015 held a board meeting and shareholders’ meeting, decided to 13.33 yuan / share price to specific object directional additional 3 million shares, raise 39 million 990 thousand yuan.

Tianya revenue continued to fall, according to its disclosure news, 2014 revenue of only 104 million yuan, 107 million yuan lower than in 2013. But its operating costs are rising year by year, which can be seen from the amount of losses in the past two years: loss in 2014 was 44 million 658 thousand and 200 yuan, an increase of 41.26% over the 31 million 613 thousand and 300 yuan in 2013. At the same time, resulting in rapid devaluation of the assets of enterprises, the end of 2013, its net assets of 29 million 65 thousand and 500 yuan, a year later in 2014 shrunk to only 4 million 947 thousand yuan.


approved landing three new board, but the world’s operating difficulties are not optimistic, and even can be described as very severe. With regard to the rapid decline of the skyline, there are as many as 14 reasons summed up by the former end of the world. It is very comprehensive and will not be repeated here.

The value of

deep mining content

now, the Internet advertising business, the main source of revenue, is facing the diversion and competition of mobile applications such as WeChat and micro-blog. The high hopes of personal value-added services and mobile terminal business scale is very small, only 4% of total revenues, and slow growth, hard task. Even in its transition plan community games, community e-commerce, Internet banking and other sections, the input-output ratio is not high, with little success.

to tell you the truth, in view of the current Internet business competition, and the horizon of the resource input and operation ability is very limited, personal value-added services and the forum in the foreseeable future transition period not to be optimistic. In fact, the real world to dig deep gold mine, is its community content.

has been very strange, on the one hand, the world’s revenue can not improve, but on the other hand, sitting on the gold content of the value of the view.

to know the horizon as a national leader of the UGC mode, the output over ten years, such as Yan Lieshan wood, Ning Caishen and other famous writers, Li Chengpeng and Han Han had big eyes resident, even now well-known technology commentator Lanna evening was born, Tianya forum moderators IT.

if the content of political affairs can not be realized because of various reasons, then the network literature, science and technology, automobile and other sections are very promising. >

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