Analysis of website development of shopping rebate

in recent years, with the vigorous development of domestic e-commerce, the rise of a large number of online shopping mall, which leads to a huge number of shopping rebate website rise, this kind of website so let consumers see hualeyan, such a large number of shopping rebate website survival situation how, the simple analysis for you.

one, shopping rebates, website history,

shopping rebate network (hereinafter referred to as the rebate network) which is a CPS advertising model, namely the website for the business promotion of goods, then according to the agreed rate of turnover from the settlement Commission, it is called "Taobao customer in". In fact, Taobao customers in the entire Taobao (including Tmall mall) in the development process, has played a very big role in promoting. Of course, it also provides a profitable platform for the vast number of Taobao customers, it can be said to be a win-win model.


, some people will be the CPS mode to maximize the trading commissions as part of the show and share buyers, in order to attract more buyers to purchase goods from their own promotion link so far, rebate network came into being. This rebate network to the business, Taobao Union, Taobao, buyers and win-win situation, the development is very swift and violent. Rebate sites everywhere, and even many portals have opened independent shopping rebate channels, you can see a lot of profits.

two, shopping rebate website status quo

after several years of development, the rebate network industry has also been a lot of problems.

1, buyers advice: Net rebate threshold is low, the website operator quality uneven in quality problems, the service is not in place, the rebate payment settlement is not timely, even directly related to the disappearance of the master station, consumers have no complaints.

2, alliance’s opinion: the alliance provides the service for the Taobao guest, the monthly settlement huge Commission, the alliance has not obtained the benefit directly from it.

3, non rebate Taobao customers opinion: they think the rebate Taobao customers did not substantially promotion work, but get a lot of Promotion Commission, taking their share of the rebate Taobao passenger industry moth.

4, the seller’s advice is the biggest: smart buyers tend to pick good goods first in Taobao, cut prices, and buy orders from rebate networks. Therefore, for sellers, this is clearly a common transaction, inexplicably became their trade promotion, promotion costs wasted.

in view of the above situation, the Taobao alliance has made a series of adjustments successively:

1, recover a large number of small and medium-sized Taobao customers API, S8 search, cross store settlement authority, greatly improved the rebate network operating threshold, which led directly to the industry reshuffle, many small and micro sites on the verge of closure.

2, the monthly fee for Taobao Commission 10% of technical service fees, prohibit rebate network to provide customers with cash rebate service, it is recommended through Taobao set Po Bao settlement, and Taobao can get from it

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