More than two years of experience in the webmaster Wangzhuan

to pay space time, unknowingly use pay space for 2 years. That is, the small station to in the name of the existence of this world, 2 years fast. Dig up their own pockets, also must calculate how much revenue for 2 years, several background landing one summary. 1321.8 yuan, two years! Oh, it’s not easy.

April 9, 2007 registration good domain name, hang site, began to choose advertising alliance, began to think of can make pot of gold. It’s probably lucky,

, 2007-4-18, 04:41:40, Google, AdSense applications were approved,

2007-6-25 successfully passed the Baidu theme promotion service audit at 15:22

2007-8-26 reviews the

through the first video hookupWhen

started to do the main Google AdSense, 2007-11-29 08:08:20 Google AdSense to receive GG mail account has been disabled accounting income of about $136 total bubble soup! 2007-08-24 11:54:21 successfully registered as Ali mother member, is inside the earlier. The owner hung up his ad again. At that time, traffic rose every day, a few income can also be added up. Heart is still beautiful, and that more than 1000 pieces of big head are accumulated in that period. Unfortunately, 2007-11-6 about 9 points suddenly by Baidu included, plucked Mao seal station, from the peak to shoot to the bottom, and because after a period of time, energy is not stable. Maintenance also stopped the site that is a straight decline, fell to only a few tens of IP per day, income is zero! After 2008 May, only some energy maintenance site, but also can not resume 07 years began to build momentum.

webmaster Wangzhuan more than two years of experience, gave me the feeling is:

It’s not easy to make money on the

network. It’s common to be cheated. The period also made a little league, only received two times the money, and in the big book, shut the station away! Earn quick money, the risk is too high, cheating is not good! The alliance is not a fool, and pay income is proportional! Maintain a site, it is not very difficult thing, network there are still many opportunities waiting for us to explore this. Think of the best action, and strive to take the first bus, it is possible to earn money! Do not stand too much garbage, garbage sites too rely on Baidu, a wave of blind, but do not give up, and stick to it, there is always hope!


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