Some opinions on the formal prohibition of personal registration events in CN domain names

China Internet information management center 11 announced that from today onwards, registered.CN domain name required to provide a business license or organization code certificate. This essentially means that the individual will not be able to register the CN domain name.

as an Internet practitioner, individuals believe that this in the history of the Internet, should be regarded as a historic retrogression. As early as 2007, in order to improve the quantity of CNNIC CN domain name, launched one yuan CN domain registration measures, this was indeed played a role in stimulating the domain name registration, the rice farmers, a frantic. Using special software over CN meters. More people are looking forward to it, and individuals who register with CN will quickly determine their legitimacy from a legal point of view. But history often then will be joking, and want to phase minon precisely, because CCTV exposure many CN domain name is used to make the yellow information web site, and specify CNNIC as a management mechanism, charge large fees and not as banned personal registration.

for CCTV exposure, CNNIC immediately responded to the exposure of a number of audit, lax management of domain name registration institutions, including the largest number of Chinese registered domain name of the new network. At the same time, CNNIC adopted a "one size fits all", formally prohibiting the registration of individuals, the purpose should be to increase the cost of the law. A.COM domain name, also is 30 yuan, the yellow information website of the people, can be ignored. So, CNNIC is only a way to get rid of the negative image and try to get rid of the negative image as soon as possible. CNNIC this approach, to ban yellow information website not what role the injured is the rice farmers, seriously dampened the enthusiasm of farmers to the investment domain, will also affect the amount of sales. Chinese domain and CN domain in the global domain name. Really want to completely cure the Yellow site, not by prohibiting individual registration to prevent and control, but should strengthen the domain name registration audit mechanism. For example, the domain name registrant should provide the identity card copy, personal address and other actual information, and be examined by the domain name registration agent. Only through this strengthening registration management, to prevent the proliferation of yellow information sites. The mainstream of individual register CN domain name, still be used in website construction above.

we expect that in the near future, CNNIC will be able to adapt to the development of the trend, re open the CN domain name registration. We also look forward to, CNNIC management, will go to a higher level, rather than a problem, simply block individual registration domain name.

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