Sales to crack the puzzle local portal site on the business management system

business, can easily be considered lucky or laurels things. This is especially true for emerging local portals. Business is definitely not impossible to crack Rubik’s cube, business has its own rules.


sales in each local portal site to solve the problem, the first is the idea: all sorts of strange things such as high prices please several master, make officialdom, please a dandy for them, to increase the manpower, etc.. Man, can not solve the key problems; the relationship, probably simply unreliable; gongzige is likely to see special in a pillow with an embroidered case; a large sales team, you dare not become a headless


must realize that the business of local portals is a huge system like content, and the system is divided into the following aspects:

1, product system.

each site considers itself to have a distinct product. Every business manager or channel manager will pat the general manager to ensure that the product documentation is ready". Do the following things: 1, the boss personally try or ask the human resources to the sales staff say one by one arraigned, their sales of products.

2, senior executives follow business people to visit customers and observe customer response. See if the product is accepted by the customer, lower than the customer demand, expected to meet customer demand, or more than expected customer demand?

3, product pricing should be guaranteed at the customer’s ability to pay between 30% – 100%. Below this interval is a thankless task, the sale of products also may not sell well; above this interval, congratulations to you, your website already belongs to tyranny, inevitably lead to resistance.

4, sales staff rhetoric standard,


5, does the customer understand or understand the product?

6, sales personnel sales of products in the service capacity of the site, once thought of a word: "Huyou" after delivery, that is called "sales"; "Huyou", "no delivery", that is called fraud.

does not need any more, in this part of the product, to do this: price, packaging, marketing, customer service standard, ask sales staff training etc.. Sales personnel must be trained, devil training. These results must be: customer centric, very reasonable in line with customer needs; products that are closely related to customer needs and are very familiar with the product sales team.

two, customer relations.

recruits test the water, come back, will say that the opponent’s side of the field, acquaintances wide pulse, where we compare?. New station or old station, new business often is like. Despite the content, business secrets website interaction, self marketing aside, we ask whether to do the following things: 1, customer visit records did not


2, is customer data archived?

3, is the customer graded?


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