Link detection analysis

  for each webmaster, friendship connection has the role of work! Many webmaster will in order to improve their PR value, and with other web site connection, but sometimes when you and other sites exchange connection, part of the webmaster will in its home page or connection page withdraw your link?

    today, in the traffic statistics background analysis, I have a real estate Station – long room network, there is a visiting page, it is the analysis of your own home link station, they stand on your own links! Including the analysis of whether he in the home page or content page has its own link to the station, link word or picture analysis, PR value, Baidu included page, Baidu snapshot, the last update time and the number of links they stand outside! Relatively speaking is relatively sufficient, should be linked to the webmaster analysis has a certain role!

below is my two small station link analysis:

  [gold] drunk beauty Links analysis

  [long house network] link analysis,

we can try it and feel ok!

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