5 degrees special visual design small analysis of some special web page design methods


this theme is an internal share in the second half of 2012, the delay in the formation of the new year immediately, quickly finishing up, the way to visual designers pay New Year’s call!!! A call to my own heart, next year from the bitter force of two words……

website of the special design, should be considered as a required course of Web visual designers, should also be considered the most basic skills. The design theory she needs is the most basic, but also the most important. The design theory of innumerable version I only, finishing 5 aspects to analyze some special methods of web design, I am not a master or a senior, welcome all kinds of brick.

The design theory of

each will know more or less, but our work is to see who, who is the real of our users, what is the user’s characteristics, each site for users are different, here a brief introduction of our Alibaba internal summary of the class B user characteristics:


in understanding their own user characteristics, we will be more targeted design, creative works will be closer to the user situation. Here I am divided into 5 areas to explain the basic skills required for the special design.

1° creative design

said should be the best creative designer, but it is also the most headache problem, how to judge a good or bad idea, to borrow Jay Chou’s words "Oh, oh well". When others see your page, can send out this feeling, that basically your this page should be done in place. Here are 5 small methods:



2° format design

format design should be considered as the most basic design principles, although this is relatively simple to explain, if you want to use good, still need more time. Here’s a simple example of some of the principles of format design:



3° color design;

the color design here is not an explanation of color theory, nor is it an explanation of color perception, because I am a color conscious designer. Here only 3 principles: color contrast, color, size and shape, color position.


through the above 3 principles, used in the web site examples are many, here does not mention the complementary color, contrast color, color difference >

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