How can commercial websites enhance user experience preferences

to do a business site, in fact, in the very great degree is good user experience, from the website’s point of view, has a good user experience of the website will bring a very high order conversion rate, which is a commercial site value, with the rapid development of electronic commerce, now for the business, how to can make your visitors into customers, increase sales, this is the key, for consumers, the site more secure, more comprehensive content, good product quality is the most attention, and to achieve these, for the consumer must do a good user experience. Here we will focus on how to improve the user experience, summed up a few days, and we study together.

1: increase the loading speed and stability of your website

no one consumers are willing to spend a few minutes waiting to open a web page, we should control the pages can be fully opened in 10 seconds, if more than 20 seconds or more, the viewer will close the browser, not hesitate a slow as can be imagined, the website will lose most of the flow of potential customers, of course if the site does not open, it is needless to say, the loss of 100% potential customers.

two: website design should be reasonable, it is best to do column clarity, process concise,

a good design, can let the visitors to the site are good, the trust has been greatly improved, only when the user has a good impression with interest, can continue to browse the website to find products, and then reach a consumer advisory, under orders, we will look at a good the design, some

need to pay attention to

1. website column content layout should be clear, directory should be perfect, so that users can quickly and accurately find the product

2. for different products to take different tones, such as female products, the use of pink based color, digital products can use black and white or blue as the main tone.

3. pictures, text to be clear, for product pictures must have super clear big picture, for product description of the text must be professional, of course, also easy to understand,

three: must pay attention to customer service system

any industry, customer service is always the fundamental business survival website, for commercial web site, we will not only make the sales before the work for the service user after shopping must have a clear service system, now most of the commercial sites are lack of customer service service system, so in the long-term competition, do customer service service system and the strength of the business will be eliminated.

four: step by step to brand website development

at present, the biggest confusion is the credit problems of e-commerce sites in Chinese, this problem is more obvious, to solve this problem, of course, there are a lot of effort to do, but a brand website will make you a step ahead of the competition, I >

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