Baidu spider crawling S returns 200064 ultimate reasonable explanation


web site at the beginning of the A5 forum that someone said the articles about the spider crawling IIS returns 200064 information, at the time of this do not understand, so there is no specific to understand, until the end of 08 before I open to the 64 point to until the desire, so also in the Internet to find a lot of this article to see and I have always analysis the secret, as of 11 June 22nd 4 a.m., finally have their own conclusions below and share:

first analyzes some of the arguments on the Web:

1, 64 is the omen of the K station,

analysis: This is the network also has a lot to refute, but I have my own opinion, is actually very simple, if a station Baidu also included a 64 normal K station K station sign, so have still occurred in 64, this is not even a sign in the K to 2 node? Words: Application

2, over optimized.

analysis: this has some truth, but not comprehensive, actually said this conclusion certainly no deep understanding, not optimized pages will also appear in 64, although the network freedom of speech, but don’t jump to conclusions. Boils down to: not deep enough

3, description and key words, repeated

analysis: same as second points

4, unable to read the page, returns 0 bytes. (authority)

analysis: This is also particularly authoritative, but that is the 2 words seem particularly ridiculous, but want to come and 64 points along the edge, but can not be called authority

The emergence of

5 and 64 is only 64 bit operating system

analysis: this statement has many netizens expressed ridiculous, I here, but more comments, because individuals think that is not established.

6, Baidu club gives the answer: probably 64, no special meaning, we do not need to care about.

analysis: in fact, full users also believe this statement, but this statement is indeed correct,

well, let’s get down to business. What’s the reason for 200064,


we must first from what kind of station the 64 most, the most common of the research and experiment with some of the information online collection of more than 2 years has proved that the new on-line website up to 64, followed by updating the snapshot and included does not increase the total number of stations, and is not updated snapshot of the station, the snapshot update included sites rarely appear 64 seconds, unless you do too much optimization on a surface (this will be in the back and explain), we found 64 infested areas, so I have to analyze why it love these places, this problem should start from IIS: 200064: sc-status (Protocol status >

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