How do get the five steps out of my more than 50 dumpster

sell station sell much, and Admin5 intermediary also familiar with, and the king told me to write experience, exchange, just today nothing, just talk about it,


silent for a long time, has been in the side of the attention of Admin5, concerned about the same as me and the webmaster. Today, I also want to write some of my garbage collection experiences and share it with you.

I only do a picture of

station and QQ station, why? Because the profit cycle is short, fast, high traffic access, special collection, modify! Never used official ready-made templates, and found that Baidu was very concerned about the template not! There are 11 stations with the same template, no problem is the key! A good grasp of the following five points


1, with static html

program is all using static HTML, I use CMS, the Internet is somewhat famous CMS I use, of course, with the acquisition Oh,


2, directory structure

I see a lot of

online directory structure using Jianpin search engine, actually URL is a very important priority structure, online said a lot, so the directory structure must use Quanpin, never mind a long time. You see, the link to Taobao is a mess,

3, keyword

it was a long time before I realized it. Because mine is related to QQ and pictures. So the domain name is QQ or beauty or picture letters plus numbers. At the same time, in conjunction with the previous one, URL can also write the keyword "Shiti".

4, home page degree of brevity

I’m influenced by the big web site and want to show everything in the front page. So I wish to put all the links on the home page, and get the home page is also very large, about 200K. But after a period of time, I found that Baidu did not include my home page, really dizzy. Later changed to the current style, there is only one logo, a search box, plus some large class of links, the entire home page on the 5K or so, Baidu immediately included my home page, really happy. It seems small or small as well.

5, promotion

at the beginning of the still know, Baidu bar, BBS to promote. Later I had the station to shield, about half a year later it reopened (automatically unlock, I don’t know why). BBS promotion too tired, so I almost no promotion, all by Baidu. However, from the statistical point of view, every day direct input domain name comes in many people. It seems that my station is still good, ha ha. The most important thing is that I can leave my website on the network where the left, so the chain is more! Promotion, I think it is the most important way to success on the site of a factor!


wrote it today. I wish you all the better and better, and wish you all IP is like fire!

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