How to quickly build a W station on P

, I do my own idea of standing.

find a word about index at around 10000, and then find the adverbs above 1000, then home as a subject, the adverbs are made of a single page.

I basically do manual pages, and if you do 100 manual pages, then, these 100 pages, the internal link construction, so that the whole chain looks like a huge spider web.

internal chain construction principles: comply with hierarchy.

, for example, the central government (home page), local government (channel list page), ordinary employees (bottom level articles page).


command (PR weight) is from the central government – >, local government – >, general staff,

executive feedback (PR oriented) general staff – > local government – > central government

leapfrog reporting: General Staff – > central government

communication at the same level: local government – > local government, general staff – > general staff

is the most important communication and command execution feedback, both of which are key to the construction of ZhengZhan weight, the communication to increase the effect of auxiliary. At the same time, in order to allow spiders in the station for more time to climb.

how to do traffic: not more than one word, 100 can be

catch the 1000 index about adverbs, these words usually row the first page is not competition page, 100 pages of your hand as long as the construction of internal link building, do a little bit outside the chain construction, these words will be able to squeeze into the first page, the word 100IP, 100 words have * * illegal content * *. Of course, this is the ideal goal. But usually breaking K is easy.

How to build a

subject: ship directly to the natural bridge

as long as you put the adverb flow to do up, the subject is very easy. Use adverbs page for a subject, then do on the subject construction of the external links, a station a thousands of IP, so it.

, QQ, net name,, devotion.

PS: it’s easy to say. It looks easy. It doesn’t make sense. It’s still a word: perseverance, persistence, success.

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