like vegetables sold as a lot of traffic sites

said I was selling the webmaster, I agree. This is me, like vegetables every day, step by step, get down to accumulate, finally got the results, my website (everyone live theater: flow slowly grow up, now has a large flow of IP10000, I am very happy, do stand is not really easy!


market as you may know, but those farmers selling vegetables we do not have clear, in fact, they are very hard, every day to keep those dishes, penny to sell, who want to this, to what is Yuecai head ah, to earn a penny but not selling! Think so, he relied on hard, by the spirit, is to keep on.

Because I

what are not, including what the program code ah, ah, I can say that is a real food, don’t know how to start a website, but did not want to say can make. Here, I have some unwritten experience for reference, please don’t laugh at me


first, do the work of the station. There’s a lot of preparation to do before you do it. If you choose space, buy domain names, then you have to think about what your station is ready to do, or what you intend to do, with this idea, you can choose the corresponding domain name and space. Also, a domain name, you have to find a way of how to make Baidu or other web site, what I do is I write some not online content into a web page, put it in the space, the content must be novel, original, write long, and to be good title, or how long, Baidu is collected. Of course, the preparatory work is still a lot of work, such as, to learn some relevant knowledge and so on, to lay the foundation for the next step.

two is the beginning of the station. Want to do well in front of what station, then you have to use online resources, to find themselves with the network and Internet users and taste of the program, for example, you want to do the movie, Marx is really good, both film and television, or video, with its distinctive characteristics. First, I’m going to do the movie site, also made a few detours, can say what stations have done, what picture stand, web site, video station, even the movie station, did a lot of procedures, but not for a long time, is not to be included, is being K away, when a the net station no one visit, that is not IP, then what is the meaning of it, very miserable. So, the election to choose, I took a fancy to Marx, using its program to do a "live broadcast theater", very pleased,


three is a large flow of vegetables sold. I am a vegetable, speaking in front of my domain name, Baidu included, but this is not enough, the site to have traffic, is to let Baidu included more better. First of all, to do?. Vegetable is like this, it is a kind of hard, from dawn to dusk, people do not diligent how can success! In order to do the station, I always can’t sleep sleep, wake up very early in the morning, I woke up, I was simply to fiddle with online website. One pendulum is one

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