Personal Adsense you know

if a webmaster even oneself want to do what kind of station don’t know, but through consulting everyone to build site, the chance of success is almost 0.

my own experience, I don’t know if it’s useful to anyone. No, if you’re going to be a garbage station, there’s no need to look at it.

1, be interested in, do a station, the purpose is to make money, but it must be something you are interested in, if you are not interested, do not understand, do it at most is a garbage station.

2, confidential creative, if you have a good idea, and analysis of their own, look at similar sites, do not yell everywhere, ask you feasible, no such creativity is not your own. Not all good ideas can succeed, but without good ideas, you can’t succeed.

3, on speculation, speculation on the site to success before, you spend a lot of energy, and reach the effect you want to fix all side effects, unless you have a lot of money on speculation, enough money to talk black into white, the best way is you the website survival after a stable, others rely on speculation, others give you better than your own hype hype. If someone else actively hype your website, you basically succeeded.

4, technical support, technology is not a panacea, no technology is absolutely not, I have a lot of experience in itself is very, I’ll think of some ideas about the website, but I have no technology to implement, there are some things that are very simple things, Hubei hotline, if I find someone else, I said, they are will the. If I pay someone else to write a program, this money will come out of me, but the program needs to be improved continuously, and it will continue to be expensive and very inconvenient. So, if you have no money and no technical team, they don’t learn to do the popular thing, Baidu Post Bar, you can download Post Bar imitation program, Baidu know, know you will download imitation procedures, others do Web2.0, you go to download blog program, you make the station and the others are the same,


5, no technology to do? Not from content efforts, put some online content according to a new model of combination, this is your idea, but others also disdain to imitate you, but you can get benefits.

6, web site to fine, facts have proved that the more detailed the site, the easier to succeed. Don’t be afraid of positioning too small, not big and all, and no bigger than the three major portals.

7, the promotion of

website, do not work on the website optimization, generated the most basic static can, no need to add a keyword, to learn how to cheat, you only need to do a good job within the same industry you can, don’t let the people know. Before the content is not perfect, not to promote, perfect, and then promote, of course, continued regular updates are essential, Hubei hotline And similar sites do friendship connection is more!

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