Rookie Adsense try WAP website feel

to do WAP, the primary purpose is to make money, not to mention my vulgar, I say is absolute truth, which do WAP’s "great", not to make money.

I have been in the main League win, WAP century should be more people do, but love too deduction amount, and the advertisement has a lot of repetition, the attitude is not very good, the customer service staff are indifferent. Later began to do some new platforms, of course, do not refer to those small platforms, but relatively new inside the industry, there is a certain scale. Now I just chose a advertising alliance, had to do is mainly a friend and I said registered a 20 cash back now, anyway, think this thing is not registered in trouble, try it, then do good, not even earn some more anyway. Now try is WEB and WAP can browse the powerful software, 1.3 settlement, advertising chain there are some commonly used software collection, 1 yuan settlement, also did not dare to do too much, come slowly, but so far, feel good, advertising quality is good, money is also very punctual, the amount is enough. It’s not decided whether to go on or not. Look at it. Let’s talk about it. In a word, I’m trying now, and there are good and bad people who say "


WAP website’s current profit model is not very clear, I hope more readers, some attention to this, and write about this aspect of the article

my WAP website promotion method

1, WAP PUSH, this is the most direct method, the goods directly connected or counter connection to mobile phone users, according to user information and look directly connected to the commodity or the counter page, very convenient operation, has the advantages of direct, targeted, the effect is good, but the disadvantage is the need to use SMS to achieve cost. The cost of 1 cents /, companies do find group is about 3 cents or so.

2, looking for some large flow of pages to do friendship connection, and this effect is good, but you need to have this promotion resources.

3, in some WEB forums do free advertising, this does not cost, but the effect is not good, because the user needs to enter the address on the phone, it is more troublesome.

4, in some individuals the WAP station do direct traffic by using the WMLSCRIPT method, the effect is good, but not what cost, but need a little programming knowledge, and may cause the user’s resentment and conflict.

5, China Mobile now has some M-Zone card SMS packages, texting exhaustless can also send messages to other mobile phone users to advertise in the intelligent mobile phone can automatically identify the SMS URL, also can realize the function of PUSH is similar to WAP. (this is what I do often.)

6, using some free SMS platform to send advertising text messages to mobile phone users, such as NetEase POPO, the famous PICA also mention

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