The true and false decline of Chinese stationmaster

              when China webmaster decline, when you see a fight to win the webmaster defection.

         ;     I remember a good webmaster told me that the era of website making money was over.

              think about this sentence is right, the previous site of big and small are doing HDD, is in the use of deduction amount of serious SP crazy for users of mobile phone fee ignorance. At that time, as long as cheating, as long as there is a little traffic, you can easily profiteering.

          SP;     unfortunately, I was in the decline when the station, and then there is a good webmaster said: "money era.". In Chinese website, there is too much rubbish station, in their profits after leaving a broken network, think Chinese webmaster made what contribution, manufacturing waste, buried network, only for their own pockets.

              now China website is just on the right track, in Chinese needs is a large number of enterprises need a large number of sites, vertical portals, the need is a lot of local information, is in need of education website…… Take a look at what is now, garbage station, now the webmaster, not in the single, we need fusion, need team.

              in fact, now China webmaster is not declining, but should be refreshed when we want to change the thinking, not garbage station we pursue, we really need to do the webmaster, on network meaningful for users to do our webmaster, Tanzania in fact, now is the webmaster, opportunity, and opportunity, China stationmaster rise, let us work together to create a network of real era of prosperity!

              this is written in my blog a few months before the comfort of the article, today I want to hang out, continue to self comfort, after all, we have the responsibility, must also stick to it!

              I do not like long winded, really do not have time, because I want to work, I have to do my own career. I just want to grassroots webmaster said: "we did not decline, but to better and more powerful."!

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