Talking about the website operation experience of Zhaoqing Pangu mountain scenic spot for two months

site also has four years, but do travel website time only one year, previously mainly do garbage station, do some traffic, put Baidu alliance, Google alliance and other advertising. A long time, I feel too tired, every day a lot of updates, but also feel the traffic is so large a few tens of dollars a day, too sorry for myself. Idle time stroll in different forums, and later friends recommend to webmaster network to see other people’s experience. After a week in the 20 article, deeply felt, I also do not blindly adhere to the product, and to do flow. I live in the beautiful Zhaoqing, after a month of investigation and consultation, there are many webmaster suggestions, and finally chose the travel website.

select domain name:

It’s really hard for

to find a domain name on the Internet and find a good domain name. At that time, no money, you can buy a good domain name through the layers of screening, the final choice of Zhaoqing Pangushan spelling or domain name. Really important! Especially in our company, the first full spell, can let visitors remember


selection space:

choose a good domain name, is the choice of space, because there was a time when I stand, the space for me it is very simple to determine, I entered this industry here (product station) of the novice some advice, the best choice space is a big brand, a space for one year it is about 200 yuan. If you do, sell one or more products and make a profit. Space is best for double lines and stability. If you choose a single line, it is recommended that the South choose telecommunications, the northern choice Netcom, choose the South or the north, mainly to see where you stand visitors. At the same time, consider the functions of space support (mailboxes, text messages, etc.) for at least one year at the same time.

select direction:

in the tourism industry, can choose a lot, such as hotel booking, reservation, tourist line conference, attractions tickets, travel products (souvenirs, specialties), traffic tickets (tickets, ticket booking, car etc.). I am here to share my experience, I was going to do Zhaoqing travel, but found this site too much, and this site involves many things, not for personal webmaster to do, so I do not particularly want to travel to do, these are needed the product integration, the beginning is very tired, I after a week of inquiry and research, finally determine the scenic spot. Why do you choose this? My main idea is:

: the first disc Gushan Scenic Site do not, so I was the one and only the Zhaoqing Pangu Mountain Scenic Area official website.

second: Pangu Mountain Scenic station, what is involved is not a lot, so my workload is not big, can spare more time to study the customer search habits and network promotion.

third: only focus on Pangu mountain scenic sites, as latecomers can be beyond the former, the scenic site.

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