To be SEO it’s important to know the content of the website

Every time someone comes to SEO

, always around the chain skills, most of the time a SEOer every day to deal with the chain, myself as a SEO webmaster, actually don’t pay much attention to the chain, that is not very strange? Do SEO, you do not pay attention to the chain that you do what? Because I love the nature, naturally let site do up, I won’t spend a whole day in the hair of the chain, looking for a new chain of rival chain do analysis of these things.

I look so lazy. How do I do SEO? Usually I wake up every morning to see the article I released the day before, and has got more than 10 high quality chains for me. This article is how to? Is a smallpox before me a few hours conscientiously prepared, as one does not love the hair of the chain webmaster, I get outside of the chain is very simple, is through every write several pieces of high quality soft Wen to spread it to to than you, a day of the chain is very good oh. If you don’t want to send the chain, also don’t want to force the heart make false original, then try to spend a little time to write a high quality article, this propaganda is very wide, and the chain to bring you much larger than the number of spam links.

is a professional SEOer, I gradually understand, to spend time in the most useful place, what place is worth the time? Do you understand the needs of target customers, take the time to understand the needs of customers every day, and then give the customer what you want, for example, to write a good article to solve a demand for certain aspects of the user, which is more than simply send the chain better, hold on for a long time, you will slowly understand the market, will be more easy for customers to remember you. So how do we get our website to target the target market,


first: users are learning to love

When we

visitors to the site through various channels, when he needs to browse the content, because the contents of the article are closely related to his needs, he will be very carefully to see, when the content is not very clear, he will slowly read and watch the end of the text carefully, this experience will tend to the user left "the editor of the website is very professional" there will also be "I am a smart user experience this process because the users enjoy solving the problem brought him the feeling of self learning.

for example has 404 pages, each station will be used, must know how to set up, but in the setting method of different sites under the circumstances of the 404 page and variety, you can write a detailed tutorial on various environment settings 404 error page, with the text, so you can let those who believe the 404 error page to understand but not very will set Adsense on this content, this article is illustrated and it is easy to learn to understand.

second: time is precious in the Internet,

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