SEO’s lecture at the doctor’s Web site


network ( by seeking the invitation of bird and Qiushi in April 28th and the doctor network editors for a period of about how to make a website editor lecture outline is as follows (in fact not called SEO lectures, because we are more construction, the content of such a title, a little to attract the attention of the suspects, ha ha, we will look at it):

The transmission of

1. culture

2. original

Production of

3. topic

The significance of

4. hype

5., the role of the chain

training begins:

& big bird 10:20:54

now, the overall construction of the health care network is perfect, and the various columns are reasonable,

& big bird 10:21:14

editorial team is also relatively perfect, the resources have a certain basis,

& big bird 10:21:38

well, we’re going to have a good look at the website we’re looking at every day, the other side of the web, the soul

& big bird 10:22:15

is a good website, the website is the soul, can not thinking, but people are thinking, editing every article, every word and action, every topic, should be thought into the

& big bird 10:22:41

in this way, visitors can feel the transfer of this thought and culture when they browse the website, thus arouse the ideological resonance,

& big bird 10:23:11

that’s why many websites are so successful, because they build up ideological connections with browsers, and pass the idea of the web through the hands of editors,

& big bird 10:24:16

, such as

, when it began to develop rapidly, was in 04 or 05 years. At that time, each of their articles required careful editing and related facts.

& big bird 10:24:40

, and each channel editor has been trained in photography, photography, design, and so forth,

& big bird 10:25:00

then, for the health care network, the question now is not whether you can finish the article every day

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