Website to understand the truth some things small market big gold mine

a person to love a half had a station, plant rental network, said the station a year millions of profit, pattern is simple, to avoid the traditional rental are residential real competition, choice of plant leasing, they said the station may have market, because we love but not to regard it as right half. Here is a small city, love is to think in half a day, cattle, can rent a few plant ah, there is a big market for

?A few days ago in

GOOGLE on the price list, they see this love a half station, when it entered the station half git, immediately rejected his view in the past, because the traffic of the station every day are dozens, basically on the first page of all day advertising. Their release is just a city, that is, every enterprise in the rent, every day in the enterprise bankruptcy, selling or leasing their own factories, in their station advertising is directly collect advertisement fee, they rely mainly on advertising to profit, their slogan is help you rent out, half a month for a period of advertising, is a put is half a month, they now are all through the GOOGLE advertising platform to do is flow, they one day income would be almost 1 Around ten thousand yuan.

later searched, found that Chengdu also has a friend opened a plant rental network, is that the market has been slowly being recognized, for business services is a project of the best, because businesses are willing to invest, not so cherish 1000 advertising, they care about as long as it can be the lease out on the line, a year hundreds of thousands of returns, they don’t care then thousand dollars income, their cooperation is the main mode of two, another is to pay the lease, lease price is in accordance with the plant proportion to the Commission, because enterprises are perennial plant found so, this form of better contact are stand on the contact, and then when people think critically, station friends took them to see the workshop.

some of the things we look, the market is very small, but once bigger, so it no longer small, a half day love read an article is written in France’s youngest millionaire, was a child, her love toys very much. It established a special toy network, provide the latest toys information, and toy pop, no one think this station can be developed, but now is an annual profit of millions of station.

most people think the impossible, are generally not competitors, the first to do just can take advantage of a weak point. In addition, generally impossible, is certainly very difficult, or even difficult to imagine things, because it’s too difficult, so difficult, so with this not to ask about, not only their own not to have that others will not do. But many great things have been done by others who think it impossible. In the course of man’s step by step from the past to the future, the impossible has not yet appeared.


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