Pleasing search engines is not as good as pleasing users

how to please Google, Baidu search engine, still better to please users.

one, original, whether it is pseudo original, or collection, all need their own editing, do not belittle, perhaps the effect is better than the acquisition is ten times!


collection, because the search engines are not love collecting things over, collection, is a collection of items for the collection will be up, they do not violate the law, and sites related to, I do not oppose the acquisition. After all, I’m more willing to please users than my users, not the blood sucking engines, who squeeze sweat and money from their owners every day,

three, link related, do not want to close the station link, for Internet users meaningless, I just hope that the search engine can also be the interests of Internet users in the first place.

four, procedures, this I am a layman, we’d better find some security, operability,


five, user experience, users like you, they won’t just arrive at your site via the engine. They will bypass them, at least by the website search engine is black or K case because previously wrote a long experience, good write here today, looking at the table, 2.45 in the morning! Although many webmaster than I am late, please allow this a lot of people in the world thanks! Shameless propaganda welcome everyone to introduce you to a friend in need.

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