The reasons and improvement methods of Baidu’s inclusion

mm is saying, "SITE times a day," suddenly, one day, the website has been uprooted.

think about the following possibilities:

Cheats: stack keywords, hidden text, etc.. (usually very rarely)


specification: too many titles and keywords (KeyWords), and Description. (don’t be lazy, write it once)

quality: almost all of the content collected, but also a very popular collection of articles. (stealing is impossible)

connection: the site lacks external connections, or external connections gradually decrease, Baidu’s attention to your site will certainly be reduced, and slowly reduce the content included. The quality of the connection is very important. Garbage connection is better than no cross links. (links are like objects, don’t overdo them, don’t be bad)

: revision of the website not changed, has been submitted to Baidu, would move to a big change, a big update, the title changed. (Web site is not a woman of beauty, you face change, it also faces change)

space: website space is unstable, can not open the site, in addition, IP repeatedly appeared cheating site, followed by bad luck. (treasure to go)

Optimization: SEO over, although there is no obvious cheating, but there is no value at all. (SEO is not all powerful)

turn over a new leaf: nets continue to tidy up…


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