WAP promotion program part of the show

CRBT channel and MP3 will soon merge, and need a professional WAP promotion staff to push, at present more reliable, and there are two ways to do the following. These two methods are also possible to promote the community,


1. Advertising position


three. League promotion

four. Use game PV to make money

1. ad position

WAP ad:


Monternet popular advertising position, most people first contact sites are monternet. The overlap rate of WAP portal and mobile value-added services are higher, more targeted, WAP Monternet

portal as a variety of value-added services experience, display and navigation center, as the center of large aggregate planning activities business mix, as some types of service test operation center, as the game business beta center, as information dissemination center. Have a very big advantage. And, in their value-added service unified portal, can achieve centralized management of user data and order data, and through the analysis of the user, the user classification, personalized services and even customized Internet mode, which is more targeted and more effective delivery of user PUSH or other publicity means. WAP portal advantage is self-evident, the commander of the SP

a hotly contested spot!

www. advertising: select your province or local popular sites, such as information ports, BBS, broadband video sites and so on. Irrigation is reasonable here, as long as the content is appropriate. The content of irrigation can be color ring advertising, or it can be the cooperation advertisement of crbt. If you can apply commercial color ring, then the enterprise’s website can become a business promotion point.


we just maintain old customers, no new customers, rely on Links, and does not bring us many new users, for the community the current update quickly, the game frequently on the line, I think it is necessary to find new customers


on Push issue:


issued to 500 has been authenticated users for return effect! The problem, can be called a technology platform, if the user receives a push return, we can see the number of online, or from the 500 to the mobile phone number, draw a portion of a single query, his line number to count an approximate amount, at present unable to give a precise number


PUSH issued according to the actual situation of the company, the user community now, and there has been no certificate of much of the increase, for the current game is slightly increase, because a game just came out, users dare to feel curious, now slightly user viscosity, just add a little the number of users. "

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