Seven black truths for bloggers to get subscribers

this article describes several real methods that allow you to get more subscribers, and create excellent content and specific positioning. Of course, you need to understand why your readers subscribe to your blog. It helps to analyze some interesting psychology.

if you have a lot of subscribers, they probably belong to one of the following types:

1, they want to be you,

you subscribe to a blog, then you probably want to be a blogger like that.

2, they want to contact you,

there is a famous author in one night to become one of the most popular blogs across the UK, the reason is very simple, her occupation is a london call girl, tens of thousands of readers in reading her blatant articles, although she didn’t sign, but the reader is willing to read.

3, they want your brain,

your reader is certainly not a zombie, if you are an expert at something, and then you get a subscription reason may be: they want to get your logic and your thinking, it is more terrible.

4, they want your nice stuff,

your blog is certainly not a chocolate factory, but you might publish something free or a prize. It’s almost a constant truth: bring visitors free.

5, they want your wit,

laughter is a powerful effect. Everyone loves to spend every day in humor and fun, bringing happiness to others and bringing subscribers.

6, they want to stay ahead of

your competitors will subscribe to your blog because you are always in front of the trend, and they are trying to catch up with you.

7, they’re looking for you,

last month, my mother told me she would subscribe to my blog. It’s a bit of a reflection. You’ll be cautious when you’re talking and writing, because you don’t know what’s going on in your life.

if you want to get more users, just do something specific:

1, be a superstar,

if you work hard and make outstanding achievements in a certain field, people will follow you and subscribe to you.

2, sincere writing,

if your writing is sincere and true and touches people’s hearts, they will come back to hear your heart again.

3, become an expert,

There’s only one reason why

is the most popular business blog, and you’re the most professional expert in the industry.

4, generous

presents or presents free of charge

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