Outlet of small and medium sized enterprises’ independent electricity supplier operation

from August 1st this year, small and micro enterprises in the monthly sales of not more than 20 thousand yuan VAT, small-scale taxpayers and business tax payers, temporarily exempt from value-added tax and sales tax. This means that many small scale electricity supplier website will benefit from it. To Small and micro businesses or value-added tax and business tax, will greatly improve the grassroots electricity supplier team environment, Small and micro businesses more capital is not sufficient will enter the e-commerce industry, enhance profitability and sustainable management ability. This will promote a large number of small and micro enterprises electricity supplier, reducing operating costs, increasing employment, expanding social spending capacity, making e-commerce market size has been further increased.

good policy greatly inspired the business confidence in the market, but can not solve the flawed Small and micro businesses business operations, lack of personnel, lack of experience, brand awareness, product homogeneity, price competitiveness and so on, is Small and micro businesses business dilemma the most realistic problem. This article from the gold brand operating agencies of several typical small and micro enterprises electricity supplier project, from operational difficulties to find a way out as an entry point, analysis of the current small and medium-sized enterprises operating independently of the electricity supplier problems and solutions.

here does not discuss the pros and cons of settled Taobao and self built electricity supplier website, independent electronic business platform is a traditional enterprise depth participation in e-commerce trends. Taobao is very strong, it can stimulate consumption in the short term, to give consumers the greatest benefits, help enterprises to reduce inventory pressure, to quickly return the funds, but it can not replace the traditional enterprise roots in the field of electronic commerce, so the traditional enterprises should have their own e-commerce platform.


gold and their customers have been repeatedly, the electricity supplier is not to build a business platform so simple, have their own e-commerce platform is the first step, how deeply involved in e-commerce, it is more important to have a good team, excellent brand operation, efficient enterprise organization structure etc.. Gold on the small and micro enterprises to guide the electricity supplier project, I think we must solve two problems, scale and profitability issues.

first, large-scale

small and micro enterprises independent electricity providers must take the lead in solving large-scale problems. As an independent electricity supplier, there is no large-scale, it is impossible to achieve profitability, large-scale, can greatly reduce operating costs, expand sales, and promote enterprise growth. However, the scale may not be profitable. Of course, the most important thing is to scale first, usually in the process of large-scale enterprises will be forced to grow rapidly, self optimization, reduce sales costs, enhance brand value and achieve profitability.


scale is flawed Small and micro businesses in the electricity business, no brand, no production technology, there is no price advantage, to achieve scale easier said than done. Kim customer electricity supplier project is how to solve this problem? The way out in gold on the "segment marketing", many people think that marketing dispute only between products of the contest, "I think the product quality is good, the last laugh is mine", it is just a fantasy. This is Chinese enterprise marketing >

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