Jiang Chinese nternet users can not afford to feed all personal Adsense

recently wrote an article "personal webmaster site for what", caused some discussion, many webmaster began thinking about what should be on what as the establishment of the target, in the written after I also in the discussion atmosphere continue to think about this problem, but also have more understanding.

now has many personal webmaster purely on the website for the industry, and more and more people to join in, even going to get rich. However, a cruel reality is in front, that is, most of the individual webmaster can not achieve the goal, not the site to feed themselves, but by their own network of occupations in the maintenance of the site.

obviously, China’s Internet users are not enough to support all personal adsense.

personal Adsense money after all is from Internet users, Internet users here even webmaster, Internet users and consumption in the process of the Internet, they are part of the cost of the final was removed after enter personal webmaster hands. But the consumption of Internet users on the Internet, and the rapid growth of individual owners obviously disproportionately, moreover, improve the network security of the Internet users and mature, also make netizen "false consumption" reduced to almost nothing, and users of "incorrect consumption" was the main source of income of the owners.


is formed on the Internet China wolf little more meat situation.

Where does the

garbage station come from? They are the product of this huge group of individual AdSense for Internet users to click. This is very like the entrance exam, after all, less than half of the high school graduates can go to college, and if allowed to cheat, it must be the more cheating, the more opportunities to go to college. The web is not so strict examination, cheating or making duplicate content search engine for Internet and does not break the law, so the station came into being, but intensified, in order to compete to more traffic means more and more sinister, the number of every webmaster have website is more and more large, who will not grab xinruan flow.

why do almost every webmaster experience the pain of K station, because K station is Baidu’s tired brain and black and blue body can do the only thing. Not to mention the Baidu robot, is the human brain, it is impossible to know the 1000 sites on the 1000 exactly the same article what from whom, at last, no matter who waste or victims, will be submerged in the ocean of Internet garbage. What is the search engine search engine? Originally the equivalent of the library can be indexed, has now become a garbage sorting machine, for visitors need something from the garbage, it is more difficult to find than from the library, in this sense, the search engine technology is really more and more difficult.

why more and more hackers? Because in the process of the wolf do, we desire to burn more intense, with the passage of time is also more and more hope for success, only rely on their own websites have not been enough to let her meet the traffic, so grab people’s flow also seems logical, of course >

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