As a station master can not forget the experience

one, some things are priceless!

day, I received a call from Hongkong telephone, about my second day at noon in Shenzhen Wuzhou Hotel meet, bring the business license and other related documents, I come to attend the meeting, in the cafe Wuzhou Hotel I met Mr. Luo Yubin and two attendants, because our website promotion is very strong, so Mr. Luo has learned from our website on the related business, so the talk time is very short, about three minutes, Mr. Luo to let me leave the relevant information, let men give me a logo design the letter, Mr. Luo Yubin’s signature above, I know this single business experience, we do business is to leave, when I excitedly, I suddenly realized, the price, the contract was not about, is not to be finalized later, so I still want to etc. They call me to talk about the price, after a day, financial suddenly told me that the company accounts more than a sum of money, is a very lucky number, after I see light suddenly, ignorant to understand for a moment, turned out to be Mr. Luo they paid us the cost of design, the integrity, the reliability for us I deeply feel inferior, deeply touched, I secretly determined, must produce a satisfactory answer to Mr. Luo they. This matter let me see Mr. Luo did not talk about the price, is not willing to make a living, creative logo hit the money label, he should lose it, I suddenly feel my responsibility, I need to revisit what I engaged in this work.

two, design minutes,

will open three times, arguing, red neck tympania eyes, more simple, more difficult, and creative – auspicious atmosphere but also to live well, moving or static confidence but also humility — brave wisdom — a modern sense of calm and enterprising and Chinese Culture — and so on round in. Design draft became student work, do not know how many, may be someone to leave, may have to recruit experts… Director, full of fire, complaining, and yesterday night Ao night. People keep her a lot, but see her in the dim light, finally, we finally determined the release, and with sixteen names: thriving, round and round, 66: when all is said and done.

three, background introduction,

Chinese financial investment limited company headquartered in Hongkong, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen in a branch, is a famous international investment company, known as Buffett of Hongkong, a number of specific long-term shares of listed companies, and listed companies at home and abroad for more than.

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