Make one of the best movie stations

it’s not easy to do a movie station, especially in the new movie station. Here I share some ideas about my website, and the thoughts and details of the website.

1, a home movie station "recently updated", many movie station let CMS system to judge, this is very good, especially the new movie station, new station in the construction period, the period will certainly add a lot of old films, then the "recently updated" display is 08, 07. Even more some of the film before, which gives the user what impression? So I suggest the "recently updated" label a custom, according to the present movie time to


2, a movie station "popular movie", if your movie station has not formed the scale, also a custom label, to manually set the ranking (according to Baidu ranking, or thunder ranked set).

maybe you stand there are many rankings, suggest that early manual settings, until the movie station scale, old update, flow up, and then put on automatic ranking, to form their own style of movie station.

3, advertising. The ad position is pretty good. In this respect, you can spend a little money for people to help you with your advertising. Ads choose non deceptive, non viral (visitors will think that your station is carrying viruses, and they won’t see links!). I don’t recommend putting popups, but if you really need money, put it on the play page (maximize the impact on the user experience, of course, except for garbage flow).

4, some loyal customers, build their own exchange group, convenient for them to communicate with you, also can quickly know you stand defects, server’sdown users can inform you, can keep them waiting, many benefits, there must be a loyal user.

5, according to the current popular content to do some special topics, to increase some of the original content, but also retain some visitors.

6, a lot of attention to the new hot blockbuster, to ensure that the first update, you can have the effect of winning a lot of new users, let users know your website updates the fastest.

7, pay attention to the recent popular series, make sure your home page has their shadow and update it for the first time.

8, note hot film is the main core of the site, to constantly update, the user’s wait is limited.

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