nterest is the productive force and the minority communities also have spring

, about ten years ago, I was a frequent visitor to BBS and gained a lot of enlightenment about computer and network knowledge in some interest based or geographical forums, and gained a lot of like-minded friends.

ten years later, many of the old forum are no longer exist or become a "ghost town", who had friends has moved to a large and comprehensive social network: Twitter, Sina, micro-blog, Google+, WeChat circle of friends, like a drop of water into the sea.


they never so close to me, every social network they have the account, every hour and moment does not appear in the timeline; but there seems to be more and more far, in the social platform they play a different identity, with a variety of labels for themselves, although we also often for each meal delicacy photos point of praise, but found like that of a common love cartoon character in-depth discussion becomes more and more difficult.

I began to miss the kind of quiet, in-depth discussion of the atmosphere, without a mask, do not care about a careless word may let who lay the gun, because of a simple to work together like we can establish the trust of friends, all good children play in the social platform or pretending to be interesting to detest the world and its ways much.

when I am away from the social networking platform is removed, I found those seemingly small minority community is actually a very broad world: many new products of interest and occupation or regional social niche has not been swallowed up by the large and complete social network based on it in the rapid growth of already even profit.


, for example, pixiv is an original illustrator social networking site. In the past, both the related artists and the anime lovers who made the two time, they showed their own works or discussed the topic of related topics are relatively limited. For most paintings, authors tend to show only on their blogs. The birth of pixiv has brought together enthusiasts from all over the world, and the number of registered pixiv has reached an astonishing 10 million this year.

in addition, with the dynamic interest brought by coupled with high added value for evaluation of potential painting artist, the total number of paintings pixiv exceeded 40 million, PV month is up to billions of times, its views not only far more than the largest BBS forum, is not lost on the Pinterest such a phenomenal product.

what seems to be a niche world? Why do they rise so fast? What are the unique running rules behind them?

topics and filtering

social reality is a process of finding topics and building connections. For a social network or community, the topic is clearly a priority

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