Good soft Wen is such refining into

more and more enterprises pay attention to the soft text of the hype, however, to write a soft text is not easy. It involves not only writing basic skills, but also writing skills. I have often received, and read, comment on a lot of enterprise soft, soft text writing skills have the following:

1. title to vivid, vivid. As the saying goes, "people look at the face, trees look at the skin", an article to attract people, the key is that the title to color, to make people have a strong interest in reading. Otherwise, even if the content is better, but also because of a "ugly face" and readers missed.

How can

get a good title for the text? Let’s take a look at the case of melatonin. Its two soft Wen "one day does not shit, is equal to smokes three packs of smokes", "woman forty, is the flower or the bean curd dregs", looks at the title alone, can let the human can not help but read. The reason is: first, they are focused on the most critical information, is "the eye", "will" young, healthy "effect together, which captures the reader’s attention. Secondly, through the construction of contradictions, focal points and conflicts, the reader has a strong inner shock, and can not help but want to find out what exactly. What’s more, their words are vivid and dynamic, so that everyone can understand it. It can be said that melatonin because caught the some soft writing skills, accurate control of people seeking beauty, novelty and young mentality, so many people have to buy impulse.

generally speaking, the creation of soft text title should be done in the following aspects:

(1) tries to use the dynamic structure, that is, the form of behavior subject + behavior + behavior object. In a word, to use verbs with adjectives, adverbs, read to coherence.

(2) use the active voice as much as possible and be careful with the passive voice so that the facts can be expressed more clearly, directly, and effectively.

(3) try to express objectively with declarative sentences, and ensure rational and objective images. Be careful with the words with strong subjective color, and the sentences should be adequately supported in the text.

(4) do not use uncommon words, names, place names, professional vocabulary. To use more metaphor, analogy and other rhetorical devices, so that will receive very good results.

(5) try not to use commas or dashes, which affect fluency and understanding of the subject.

(6) has the best number of headings in 8-11, except for special cases. This is based on the normal vision and reading habits of the human eye. Short, maybe insufficient information; too long to be accepted.

(7) the numbers in the title are as specific as possible for the reader to have specific descriptions of life experiences and attempts.

2. leads should be wonderful. A soft Wen can attract readers, title and lead to more than 60% of the role, and sometimes even play a decisive role. Lead to the importance of soft Wen, like >

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