Layman’s eyes online recruitment is worth investing in business

now goes to the graduation season, the company has recently been busy recruitment, recruitment methods are diverse, in addition to the campus, the labor market, we also specially in the network platform to open up the booth, hope to attract some can take to sell their products to the miracle of Luffa talent. After this period of exploration and recruitment, from the initial effect of view, network recruitment to the most traffic, quality is also the highest.

in the online recruitment industry, the pattern is very clear, in addition to the traditional three, Zhaopin, qianchengwuyou,, plus headhunting network, small recruitment website other doesn’t get too much market share. From the data point of view, in 2011 China’s online recruitment market will reach 2 billion 630 million, accounting for the market capacity will occupy 54.3% of the overall recruitment market share, great potential for development. And this one, the traditional powers accounted for about 80% of the shares, the remaining 21% of the share by many small and medium-sized talent website share. In other words, many small websites simply do not do large-scale integrated recruitment sites.

but does that mean that there is no possibility of developing a small recruitment site? Obviously not. The author wrote the article because he was inspired by it. As mentioned before I recruitment of personnel in 80% from the online recruitment, online recruitment platform is not the most famous local recruiting station, not from the station to the people, fees do not say, given the exposure degree of our business station is not enough, so in many small and medium enterprises in small places it is the more popular recruitment site. In other words, recruitment now, especially grassroots, is still profitable for small and medium-sized job sites".

opportunity has three main points, first, the current state support for a variety of micro enterprises, as a branch of the Internet business, Internet recruitment will also get some preferential development, national policy on small and medium enterprises tilt and various state institutions for small and medium enterprises support are visible in our local, if you business two years ago can be tax-free, some industry exhibition is free to attend, and has the potential of the project can also hang advertising in the local investment platform, it is really awesome.

secondly, with the popularity of the Internet in the northeast, middle and southwest China and the gradual application of Internet users in the region, online recruitment will be promoted in these areas in the next few years. The two or three tier cities and towns will become areas for further recruitment, and more regional web sites will emerge. For small and medium-sized recruitment website, the development of the local website, "the king" is the foundation of. Even if the integrated site resources and channels are relatively strong, but when it comes to local resource advantages, of course, can not compare with our local recruitment station has more advantages. Maintaining close ties with local businesses and job seekers will certainly be appreciated.

third, with the gradual increase in the number of domestic graduates and the scarcity of some jobs, the overall employment situation is still not optimistic, job seekers and potential job seekers

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