Discussion on gain and loss of station construction for six months

has been committed to the Internet industry, engaged in art design, program planning, post, early 09 to establish a personal website, since half a year, half a year as a rewarding, willing to share with you.

read a lot of webmaster writing articles, fruitful. I hope my experience can help the webmaster at the beginning of the station.

1, "backup web file"

initial stage, presumably server conditions are not very good, so many backups, a Monday is a must. The three station, due to various reasons (server, check the record, the government linked ICP for server IDC irresponsible) caused by the website file is missing. The most serious one, lost nearly a month of updated articles. This situation is very detrimental to Baidu included. Serious impact on Baidu update.

summary: if your IDC is very delicious, you must back up the database in time and backup it to generate the static page, which is recommended every Monday

2, "first best homework, 2 home page is also fighting"

Most of the

station in the design of home page keyword, title, web page description is a big effort, but in the path set sub column name, and no great effort, sub section, sub section path home key, title is also very important. Sub column home page can also get a good position in the more popular keywords ranking. Is this a few days to the www.59ims.com/moko/ 2 directory home page is more popular in Moko, air force ranking into the top three, brought more than 500 IP, very impressive. A home page 3 keywords, then 5 2 level home page has 15 keywords, cumulative weight is much higher than the home page. In the home page to participate in popular keywords competition is, 2 home page to participate in the top keywords competition, often can get unexpected joy.

summary: 2 page can bring more weight than home page. Pay attention to the 2 page, get higher flow.

3, "one way to black",

home page keyword selection, title, web page description, do not change, would rather postpone the site on-line. This site once thought that the change is not very big keywords change, directly lead to Baidu flow 1500 to 50 of the rapid decline. It took me 2 months to regain my previous weight. Before the revision, read a lot of related articles, since that security, the results… Hope you webmaster careful, careful and careful!!!


summary: pre planning fully prepared, popular keywords must not be modified, must not Cao three, twilight four.

4, "stable IDC to keep a good son"

stability first, speed secondly, personal feel that no funds in the early days of the webmaster, should be so choose. Space instability kills people. This site has gone through 2 server failures for up to 2 days, which led to Baidu’s update

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