am persistent but not enough focused so have been a small webmaster

if you count the days, it’s almost two years since the first station was built. In two years, more than 10 websites have been built.

received the GG US, this year received only once, MMD, but also met with the depreciation of the dollar, the end of the money, actually, the dollar has risen, depressed urgent.

help others site and proxy host domain name, exchange some and my pay extremely not relative RMB. Self perception is like this. Now the webmaster are cabbage price of manual workers, I just built the station when the price is at least 1500, no matter how simple the station. Now Suixingjiushi, no way, not to want to take the website made. Can sell a space to earn a ramen money, do not take the initiative to find the market, sent home to do. I need the space domain name for me, my agent, network fast net space, there is a space in Guangzhou’s double space, very good. Just look at my station, and will see.

was built from the first site in 06 November and became more and more basic. I only slept five or six hours a day. Lack of sleep, lack of exercise for a long time, the decline in physical condition.

is such a day, I have been looking for how no longer become a small webmaster road.

has been a dumpster and found that it doesn’t suit me. I feel bored when I fill in the content. Ha ha, so busy calling more than three months later, the data directly deleted procedures. Determined not to do garbage station in this life. At the garbage station, I know that not all people are good for garbage stations, especially novices. Do the dumpster are owners of the fighters do have money, and I missed the station is. Do garbage station, what to do with the main content, not to say, anyway, those content, I think of the direct impact on themselves, and even their own ideas have become very evil. Forget to say, I am not used to collect built station.

has done the PS industry station. It’s the kind of thing you like. Put GG on it. Looking at the only few income statistics every day, I’m glad to start with it. Until one day, I didn’t do anything, and received a warning letter from GG company. I really believe that the elders elders often scold that sentence, "do GG TMD, every day people fear."". I began to tap my industry, new channels to increase revenue. I really can’t find it. Later, one overheard, a netizen said, in the PS website, one of the most popular forums, so and so station (station name is not reported) the webmaster is also preparing to sell his station. Oh, No. I sold the station at the end of last year. Really pathetic, selling very little. I knew this, I’d like to spend so much money to buy a station like me. The province is so tiring.


, the other stations…..

until today, I just want to understand a reason: I am not diligent enough, not I do not work hard, not I do not insist, the fundamental reason is that I am not enough attention. Say, stick to us >

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