ndividual income tax website domain name registration 7 years to build brand old station

if someone says that they specialize in tax stations, I think they should have everything. Generally collect all aspects of content, send some policies, laws and other information. And websites like www.suodeshui.net, which only target personal income taxes, are few. Now tell you why,

, why do you do that?.

first, let’s talk about the long tail word again. If our website directly to a "tax network", for personal Adsense, it is difficult to do well, because this kind of website needs too much content, too professional knowledge, and competition is relatively large. And choose "personal income tax" such words do, for me such personal Adsense, more appropriate. Because the content involved is relatively small, and there is not much specialized knowledge, it is easy to understand. Another key is that this should belong to the long tail word, but also has the flow of long tail words.

then choose the domain name. First, the personal income tax website chooses the Pinyin domain name. The reason is very simple, because it is good for the search engine, and is also helpful for visitors to visit again. The suffix for registering.Net is due to the fact that other major suffixes are registered. Domain name is registered in the business of an agent in China, a total of 7 years registered, we can check the domain name registration information.

Why does

have to register for so long? Very simple, this keyword is not hot for a while, a period of time cold, but the existence of long time, unless the country when the abolition of the personal income tax. Why don’t you keep a station for a long time? Instead of the domain name to do this station today to see, can not make money, the emergence of a new idea, and to do a new station, so even if a domain name is registered for 10 years, but the site has 20 types, can earn money? Concentrate on an old station, choose a promising keywords, should be a more wise choice. A year of hard cost = $60 + domain name space costs 100 yuan (this kind of website should be not much space) =160 yuan, if you do the Google alliance, assuming only $0.5 a day, a year is $150, RMB has 1000 yuan. Although not many, but this kind of website does not need us to update frequently, but does not need to invest again. And you can also do a few more stations based on the law of replication success.

attached domain name registration information:


, Registrar:, BIZCN.COM, INC.

Whois Server: whois.bizcn.com

Referral URL: http://s.bizcn.com

Name Serv>

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