nternet products need big brand strategy

in my cell phone, is a single company produced app, NetEase should be the most, including NetEase news client, NetEase, cloud reading, NetEase, cloud music, and so on. I use these products because they feel really good experience, but always feel that these products are missing the point of what are perceived, regardless of the user, or the media exposure, they do not seem to like today’s headlines, read more, cool dog music as a personalized distinctive brand features.

in addition, NetEase, NetEase lottery, NetEase, Tian Tian, NetEase, cloud class, and so on app. This is not a phenomenon unique to the NetEase, the Tencent launched a Tencent, Tencent, Tencent cloud map (mobile phone housekeeper in WeChat before the rise is QQ, their core brand, such as QQ, QQ and other music reading), Baidu not only myself out of a lot of Baidu app series, even to the acquisition of Android is eager to change optimize the master into Baidu mobile phone guardian, glutinous rice into Baidu Nuomi. We can find that the giants are invariably the main brand of their own unified company. They seem to have such an empire mentality: install APP, look for XX products.

but the problem is, in the Internet field, users eat this? Giant, in addition to their inherent advantages in the field, the introduction of new products, often can not get rid of the millennium, or reduced to the fate of the edge. In addition to the product design trend, the brand’s ability to shape is also a major weakness.

back to the traditional business field, multi brand strategy or single brand strategy is the problem faced by many enterprises. Representative enterprise multi brand strategy, marketing industry is undoubtedly great company Procter & Gamble, only Chinese market of shampoo on the successful operation of the PANTENE, VS, Head and Shoulders, and other brand Clairol, rejoice, for the industry and building of; a single brand enterprise, successful Samsung is not in doubt, whether it is 3C (mobile phone, digital notebook, camera) or household appliances (refrigerators, washing machine, TV) are used mainly in the single brand samsung.

The advantages and disadvantages of

‘s single brand and multi brand strategy are much more analytic in textbooks. Here, I attribute users’ demand for new brands to two aspects:

1. How much do I need to use this product? The cost here includes the price, including the cost of trial and error, and the higher the cost, the exclusive use of the new brand;

two, what are the concerns about using this? For example, security, durability, etc., the more you worry, the more you reject the new brand of uncertainty.

there is no big truth in it. The new brand has great uncertainty, and the user naturally has the consciousness of avoiding risk. Unless a subversive product like Tesla comes out, how many people will buy a new car brand,


as shown above, the farther away from the origin of the coordinates, the more users rely on the existing big brands, the closer to the origin of the product, the more willing to try new brands. The explanation for two is that people who spend too much money are often quick

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