From programmers to Webmaster remember my website production operation process

long holiday, over and over again wandering in every webmaster forum, boring, lost and regret, think back to my 9 years of web course, although has not seen the success, but I still will not give up, because the site gave me too many important things: happiness, disappointment, and full confidence.

initial contact site production

2003 I third, non professional software in the library I accidentally saw a Asp programming books, the title is probably "ASP from entry to master" (because of the book super impression, led me to buy a book after selected with " the name from entry to the master " book), over a few fascinated, watching on his computer practice, when seen for the first time to write your own dynamic web page displayed in the browser, a strong self-confidence is full of my heart, it has been found that very deep web is so easy from now on, let me also can visually see the results of this program have a strong interest.

after a get out of hand continuously according to some of his own ideas gradually practice, I Asp, HTML, CSS, Javascript and other web programming script / language gradually skilled, during the self-study of the Micromedia Dreamweaver, Firewoks, Flash, MX and other web authoring tools, but also familiar with the use of databases, IIS.

in-depth website production, initial contact site operation

In 2004

, a software community in our school to recruit people, making the community responsible for several school official website and maintenance, I was sent to graduate at the time, do not have graduate looking for work, nothing I can sign up and join the. In this club, I started the actual operation of website production and operation. In the community, through cooperation with the community members, I gradually into the website production, but also gradually understand the website operations.

One thing I need to mention

during this period is when we need a website of a forum, I find the Internet some source code, found not to have redundant functions need is some function can let me completely satisfied, so I intend to imitate their own was the most popular DvBBS forum, completely write yourself a a forum, after nearly two months of fighting and finally, Yiziyizi completed a Asp+SQL based on the Server forum, DvBBS see the function basically has of course, art is basically copying DvBBS, after all I am not art background, then this forum also has been linked to the use of the site on the back, until after I graduated from the master quickly this club website removed this forum. This thing in the webmaster seems, this method is certainly not advisable, but at that time I mainly held the idea of learning, and at that time the forum is not urgent delivery, and not to consider efficiency, of course, >

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