Small day electronic mall Chinese best business model why the sudden death


] to have closed after the news and shopping, this was the "twenty-first Century Business Review" as a "model" business Chinese best service website has been unable to open, according to an internal staff of suppliers and the company said last week, has held a staff meeting, announced the dissolution of the company. Subsequently, the rights of users upload their company headquarters plans, Connaught office has been empty.


In fact the

award in twenty-first Century at the beginning, the selection for electronic shopping evaluation is: "the same business model and shopping and other e-commerce services, but it is focused on the credit card user oriented consumer group." In the subsequent column events, it is only a false proposition to prove that this is the best.

The origin of

‘s best business model

according to public information, electronic shopping mall was born in 2007, its founder Han Jitao was senior director of Digital China PPT division, then in Gobi registered capital of US $10 million, founded the Beijing donglinanshan Information Technology Co. Ltd., staging shopping platform and shopping for its credit card.

electronic shopping business model is very simple, is through cooperation with the bank, to complete the sale of goods by the DM, SMS, EDM, manual and other forms, he also has his own B2C business shopping platform. Using the bank’s rich and vast amounts of credit card users’ data for staging sales.

according to unconfirmed information, its sales were 08 in 80 million years, 09 in 150 million, 10 in sales, 320 million in 2011 and 450 million in sales. After the data show that from the sales data can make nothing of it, a few years ago, the annual growth of over twenty percent a year, according to its own reports, maintain its merchandise gross margin of around twenty percent, and announced the completion of monthly earnings in December 2011. But according to its internal suppliers to disclose, and since the inception of shopping in a huge loss.

is in the background of such a loss in 2011, and in twenty-first Century was named "shopping business model China best service". Indeed, at the time of the environment which is an outsider enough perfect model, on the one hand don’t have to go to the bank to expand the user, because the hands of a large number of customer resources and data will allow and easy access to users, on the other hand, because the banks do the electricity supplier separate mode is not mature, to really need such a the professional platform to help them into customers, at least before the outbreak of crisis not everything seems perfect.

human pain,

in the "best business model" of the ring and shopping began their expansion of the road, the staff of a route was founded 20 Men at their birth, extended to the size of 500 people, the office address >

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