The best way to promote websites is to combine online and offline effectively

many webmaster pay great attention to the website’s on-line promotion method, everywhere sends the website, the exchange website link, the QQ group promotion, the blog promotion and so on, and so on, but the promotion under the line is often neglected. Online promotion of the advantages of cable, but the line to promote cooperation is also very necessary. This article summarizes several ways to promote the line, I hope the webmaster can online and offline combination, better promotion of your website.

1 to participate in Webmaster exchanges meet, you can increase your connections,

many webmaster is not enthusiastic webmaster meet, exchange meeting, think these parties have no actual meaning, waste time and no income, it is better to write an original article, or update the website. I think, to participate in Webmaster gathering is a good way to promote offline. Participate in Webmaster gathering, can know more webmaster, share each other to do station experience and experience. There is a saying "listen to Jun’s words, better than reading ten books, listen to the experience of others, you can take some detours. Adsense party, face-to-face exchanges can deepen each other’s impression, if later encountered problems, but also easier to get help from other webmasters. In the webmaster party, more understanding of some friends, accumulate some connections, do Station Road will be wider and wider.

believe that all know "party Master" Guo Jijun, he is almost every will come to the party, often, accumulated a lot of people for him, in the webmaster circle, almost no one does not know ". While attending the party, he also publicized his website, showed up, continued to impress others, spread himself well, and promoted his website, killing two birds with one stone. Therefore, it is recommended that the webmaster have more time to participate in some opportunities, there is no time to a very far place, you can also participate in the party around, publicity, promotion website.

2 sponsors webmaster party

some webmaster do not have time to personally arrive at the scene of the party, but also through the sponsorship of small gifts in the form of improving their web site exposure, and promote their own web site. Sponsorship here is not funded by large sums of money, but also by small gifts. Such as mouse pad, shopping bag, small cup, U disk and so on. Some websites are small and individuals are solely responsible for these costs. There may be pressure to find someone to work with. Parties often have some game links, the webmaster this link is not a lot of gifts, will also be mentioned in the game many times, greatly increase the exposure rate.

I participated in the Wuhan webmaster party last weekend, and I didn’t see the stationmaster at the party. I pulled in the Internet and the people who attended the gate, but I saw the little gifts they provided. In general, the activities of the activities of the party will be very grateful to the sponsors of the activities, will also be mentioned many times during the event, the promotion effect is obvious.

3 works with local entity units

I once saw such a message in a newspaper. A mental health Web site, in collaboration with the spiritual stories section of the newspaper, organizes a mental health study

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