Webmaster friend let’s collect the website together and say No

web site for three years, the size of the site do dozens, more than 90% of all CMS station, the biggest advantage is that the information can be collected, but recently included in the study site found that the acquisition effect is too big, and I collected the acquisition station is constantly reduced, here with two of my station as a example, with I do stand experience and SEO knowledge, once again collected under criticism, calling for the webmaster do not collect, preserve the clean, we have a great responsibility.

1. What is the acquisition of


popular point of view, the collection is a small program, a small software, the content of the target site fast (several seconds), a large number (Ji Wan) transfer to your site,

two, the advantages of collection

fast, comprehensive, a large number of characteristics to meet a group of lazy webmaster’s favor, but also created the Internet Shanghai garbage station, a CMS, put on the set of templates, background and columns, set up a garbage collection, stand out, take only a few hours, good luck then, to catch up with Baidu is included, a 1800, flow to the money will come, so many webmaster super to update the collection station, do stand. Of course, there is a collection of advantages, it is the sharing of resources, a good information, not more than 3 days, Baidu search title has appeared in hundreds of stations, some people say that this is a reprint, but can not be denied that the acquisition in which also contributed.

three, the shortcomings of the collection

(1) collection and Baidu included

I use two stations included on Baidu’s acquisition and relationship to do a test, Chinese welfare lottery website domain name in July, 3 years of history, the weight is still relatively high, on the line after the 5000 data acquisition, maintain daily 100-200 acquisition and update the information, without any modification, the establishment at the beginning of Baidu is to take care of, the collection has been soaring in November, reached a peak, a few months included about 4000, then the amount collected is kept between 3500-4200, Baidu included a December 2nd adjustment, reduced by 1000, and now every day in the fall, hundreds of hundreds of drop, drop painful, drop people scared, what websites do not change or update every day so much. Another beautiful pictures website in November, the new domain name, no weight, the establishment of the time to catch up with the whole Baidu included new sites is very difficult, but at that time I was picking up a cheap, I remember that day is November 5th, I hung up the Links in two sites frequently updated, and then go to Baidu know answer two a web site theme related issues, then No. 6 at Baidu is collected, but only included the home page, every day I keep about 10 articles of the original, and the update time is consistent, but also at the beginning of December, when the website content is less than 200, use Baidu Search received more than 70 papers, recently Baidu has put up that reached more than 100, which for a content of only about 300 of the station, or.

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