Talk about ten great tips for blogging

more and more multinational people realize that garbage stations can only earn a little money, blog is a good tool to make money. But many people just blog as an online diary, and this blog is destined not to make much money. Blogging and promoting your opinion, providing valuable information for your readers, and then promoting the related products, is the way to make money. Here are some tips on blogging to make money and share it with you.

locate your readers,

What is your

blog theme, and how much you expected? What readers will want to get from your blog? Say you are ready to make a digital camera blog theme covers only high-end SLR or just low-end card machine; blog readers want to see shopping information or price information, or use skill. To think about these issues, the content of the blog is very targeted, blog readers also have very obvious features, the promotion of products of great help.

sincerely promote product

The products on the

blog are best for your own use, or have personal experience. Treat your blog reader as your real life friend and tell the reader your true and objective opinion about the product being promoted. Remember, as long as a lie is told, you must go to your first lie with one lie after another, and the lie will be revealed sooner or later.

promote quality products

the quality of the products you promote is better, and you will have more readers thank you for recommending such products. These readers are most likely to recommend your blog to their friends, which is the best publicity. Bring quality products to your readers, earn a certain amount of money for yourself, and eventually bring more readers to your blog. The better the forward cycle, the sooner the better.

context sensitive links are the most useful

Links in

blog posts are usually more effective than ads on the sidebar, top and bottom. Because the reader in the reading will have been in a state of acceptance, and the side column and other places of advertising, it is easy for readers to resist mentality.

treat readers differently,

blog product promotion, should fully consider the different needs of readers, different treatment of different readers, recommend them different products. Of course, the promotion of too many products without a purpose is not worth recommending.

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