Taizhou net Zhang Wenguo local website user mining in the automotive industry

                "2009 China local website development forum" in October 17, 18 days held in Hangzhou Zhijiang Hotel, 400 local websites from around the country gathered together to discuss the development plan, the following is a wonderful speech in Taizhou Zhang Wenguo.

                Hello, thank PHPWIND for giving me such a chance to share, rather than as a share, I also do auto summary yesterday to today to hear some share around the web, many web sites do better than us. For example, a lot of things yesterday long lane Qian Yu said, there is life in Yuyao Xu Yue said the auto industry in life to share, I first introduce myself, my name is Zhang Wenguo, from 09 years in April, re registration of a media company, the company name is Taizhou interactive advertising media Co. Ltd., a moment ago always said the focus of the two day of our discussion, we network marketing we do most is interactive marketing, so our company name is called interactive communication, Taizhou auto channel launched in 2007 In June, when many of my colleagues said local portal car have no way out, what do they want? For example, I love the car around a lot of those professionals, they see the information will be where to look? Pacific automotive network, such as Sina automobile Sohu professional website or AICAR, local portal how local industry channel first of all, we are all in this together local portal auto channel positioning, we strive for the channel of Taizhou local consumer and automotive businesses to build a communication service platform, timely information and promotional discounts for automobile consumption as the hottest.

from the aspects of how to do auto channel, from some of the data to see the Internet car information network in the proportion of nationwide stations are very few in number in the automotive news network news, the number is only 5%, many people choose to understand the car information mainly in the network when buying a car, from the FAW TOYOTA network reported on from 2006 to 2008, the amount of growth in 2009 is faster, as a local website, how to exploit the automotive industry user groups, we focus on several aspects, one is the content of our offer, Taizhou auto channel, Taizhou local car information we publish the first time, the formation of our website as they speed Taizhou traditional mainstream media the slower than us, they sometimes the business to soft, come to us to copy the local information, basically what we do, On the other hand, we also pay attention to some of their own brand promotion, we focus on the fourth point plan, this we also came three colleagues, members of our team, we have a planning department, providing a series of business activities planning, fifth said the interaction is king, this is our channel architecture the. In content, we focus on originality, >

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