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Month: September 2017 Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform began to force the latest web site style

I certainly wouldn’t fall behind, my website is: www.warpv5贵族宝贝/xemh/ evil cartoons I vote in the following address.

rule is simple: users to complete the Style test to get the Chinese New Year red envelopes, a total of 5 times per hour.

will receive a special trophy and Apple iPod hero Nano 7 generation of 1, second and third will be the site of a mobile hard disk.

way to share a little secret is not a secret, of course, it depends on luck, ranking the heroes are not the same, mainly to see where you site characters have powerful website, my website is difficult, obviously Admin5’s Ceng Xiaoxian’s Heroes competition is very small, as long as now more than 45 tickets will be able to get iPod Nano 7 generation read more

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Month: September 2017 To write an article are you tired

write very tired, for what? This problem not only people often ask, I ask myself, what to have? "

whether it is WeChat, micro-blog, on the blog, website, or from the media, not a thing: content, writing. More and more experts and celebrities that content, emphasizing the importance of writing, more and more platforms to provide services from media articles, there are more and more people began to write the article. I’m a stick to the man who wrote the article, write so long article, people often ask to write tired? I can be very responsible, very tired. read more

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Month: September 2017 Love is what arch criminal Shanghai caused a serious error

2 website is considered cheating, the reason is probably because of the accumulation of a large number of keywords, website optimization excessive, the snapshot is actually love Shanghai back on the website of the punishment;

especially in August 25th, according to the website ranking is undergoing great changes, mainly for small and medium-sized website ranking and weight reduction, but the inside pages of big website ranking improved. For the new website ranking has improved, but the collection is not ideal. In view of this change, the webmaster should also make appropriate changes. Recently I found that when browsing the web, love in Shanghai there is a very unusual phenomenon. This is the author in search of a website to promote the interface, as shown in figure read more

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Month: September 2017 The love of Shanghai at the end of October update count


, an abnormal site data in October 22nd

report: "jump beloved Shanghai users report page, here than before" love Shanghai complaints "is more formal, more detailed report. Figure:


love Shanghai before the beta "love Shanghai health" and "love Shanghai training" the end of the month at the start of large-scale application update. Previously the only part of keywords medical and training industry now expanded a lot of long tail keywords. Love Shanghai health all kinds of disease keywords flow interception, interception of hot love Shanghai training training industry flow. Figure: < > read more

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Month: September 2017 How to give the group purchase website optimization promotion

Why is

soft can give you >

chain extension is one of the important methods. Find the same group purchase website is a chain, it is best to find the high reputation of the station, long time station, user station. For a new group purchase station, we still can’t believe is really indispensable information, there will be a bit suspicious, friendly chain and well-known station, it can also improve the visibility of their station, let the user experience to a certain extent. At the same time, friends of the chain can bring to the site outside the chain, shoot two hawks with one arrow thing, Why not?. read more

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Month: September 2017 Operation of local travel website if there is room for survival

a few days ago, I met a friend, talking about his wish to be a tourist site, my first feeling is not good to do. Why not? Because the front has been said, a lot of friends in the time of the exchange, there will be the first feeling like this, and I am the same, but after listening to the friends of the ideas, but I think this project is feasible, and can do. Don’t ask me why, I’ll detail below.

secondly, selection and optimization of timing and optimization. Optimal timing is important, if it is in an industry season start optimization, so sure you better optimization effect than the off-season, and for local island tourism, is the best time of 1-4 optimization, but a friend gave me the time is only a maximum of three months. For the optimization scheme, once well outside the chain can through the search engine of the world has ceased to exist, and the contents of TDK design, website building, and the drainage has become a priority among priorities. read more

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Month: September 2017 The new station choose the right keywords website ranking optimization effect is fast

, that is to say, when we do website optimization keywords, keywords can be divided into two sites, each site focused on 1 – 2, which is more targeted, in order to better meet the user search experience, will be your website on home page. This is a key strategy of website optimization, and its effect is very good. In some Adsense statistical tools, we can understand the keyword optimization, regional, user requirements, types are affecting the keywords web site keywords ranking.

do website ranking optimization selection is very important for keywords. Keywords the correct positioning of the site, when the optimization is very simple. The choice of keywords is love Shanghai Dennis main reference index and search volume data, so choose keywords to a proper extent can meet the needs of users, can also show very good website. read more

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Month: September 2017 How to use the data analysis forum signature and the chain in the new algorithm the effect of love

third: the use of program sites such as Web2.0 large mass links pointing to your site, as everyone knows, the program automatically in the forum post, the top post, the post signature is most common, so whether the algorithm update Forum >

November 5, 2012 love Shanghai web search anti cheat team announced that linked to the sale behavior reminder, selling links will also hit, notice that with the help of the link trading platform purchase and sale links hyperlink cheating site, will be a further blow. Among them, buy a lot of so-called high weight links have been identified and love Shanghai engine will no longer be trusted; at the same time, the sale of a large number of links to the site, regardless of the so-called big station station, will no longer be engine trust. And, the next period of time to buy and sell link to the site of attack. read more

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Month: September 2017 These 404 page details if you do not pay attention to will make the website Game Over

if your website on the page does not exist, not to return to the 404 code, and return is 200 status code. So, can let a search engine that has a large number of duplicate content on your web site. For example, a number of URL returned to normal page, but the page content of the same. So, pay attention to the webmaster here. A5 marketing to the customer at the site many such details found to Shanghai dragon in diagnosis and may more sites also have problems, but the owners do not know it.

maybe some not too good at the web site of the Shanghai dragon or some knowledge of lack, cause operational errors in the 404 page. But long time accumulation may put the site to the cliff ", eventually causing irreparable disaster, for example: the site is down right, love Shanghai website weight is not stable, a serious decline in ranking and so on. So, some of the details of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis client website, A5 marketing today and you talk in detail about today, I hope this article can help to some webmaster need help. read more

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Month: September 2017 Links construction of the enemy can ever victorious


(2) carefully check each other Links is called using JS output

(1) they need to know what type of friends station

each other

(2) know how their website

2. include

and other exchange website links when we have to look at it, because now love Shanghai for friends of the chain adjustment algorithm, punished, the site itself will have joint action, the weights will be decreased, so the enemy can. So, should from which aspects to understand each other’s

website as well as an important part of the promotion, and Links is a method often used, simple, fast and stable, so we regard this method as the most important means of the construction of the chain, but what have skills, that is such a seemingly simple exchange chain we also need to practice some aspects need to pay attention to pay attention, the little to share with you my own in this aspect of some experience. read more

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