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Month: July 2017 Website to understand the truth some things small market big gold mine

a person to love a half had a station, plant rental network, said the station a year millions of profit, pattern is simple, to avoid the traditional rental are residential real competition, choice of plant leasing, they said the station may have market, because we love but not to regard it as right half. Here is a small city, love is to think in half a day, cattle, can rent a few plant ah, there is a big market for

?A few days ago in

GOOGLE on the price list, they see this love a half station, when it entered the station half git, immediately rejected his view in the past, because the traffic of the station every day are dozens, basically on the first page of all day advertising. Their release is just a city, that is, every enterprise in the rent, every day in the enterprise bankruptcy, selling or leasing their own factories, in their station advertising is directly collect advertisement fee, they rely mainly on advertising to profit, their slogan is help you rent out, half a month for a period of advertising, is a put is half a month, they now are all through the GOOGLE advertising platform to do is flow, they one day income would be almost 1 Around ten thousand yuan. read more

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Month: July 2017 Pleasing search engines is not as good as pleasing users

how to please Google, Baidu search engine, still better to please users.

one, original, whether it is pseudo original, or collection, all need their own editing, do not belittle, perhaps the effect is better than the acquisition is ten times!


collection, because the search engines are not love collecting things over, collection, is a collection of items for the collection will be up, they do not violate the law, and sites related to, I do not oppose the acquisition. After all, I’m more willing to please users than my users, not the blood sucking engines, who squeeze sweat and money from their owners every day, read more

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Month: July 2017 The reasons and improvement methods of Baidu’s inclusion

mm is saying, "SITE times a day," suddenly, one day, the website has been uprooted.

think about the following possibilities:

Cheats: stack keywords, hidden text, etc.. (usually very rarely)


specification: too many titles and keywords (KeyWords), and Description. (don’t be lazy, write it once)

quality: almost all of the content collected, but also a very popular collection of articles. (stealing is impossible)

connection: the site lacks external connections, or external connections gradually decrease, Baidu’s attention to your site will certainly be reduced, and slowly reduce the content included. The quality of the connection is very important. Garbage connection is better than no cross links. (links are like objects, don’t overdo them, don’t be bad) read more

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Month: July 2017 WAP promotion program part of the show

CRBT channel and MP3 will soon merge, and need a professional WAP promotion staff to push, at present more reliable, and there are two ways to do the following. These two methods are also possible to promote the community,


1. Advertising position


three. League promotion

four. Use game PV to make money

1. ad position

WAP ad:


Monternet popular advertising position, most people first contact sites are monternet. The overlap rate of WAP portal and mobile value-added services are higher, more targeted, WAP Monternet read more

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Month: July 2017 Seven black truths for bloggers to get subscribers

this article describes several real methods that allow you to get more subscribers, and create excellent content and specific positioning. Of course, you need to understand why your readers subscribe to your blog. It helps to analyze some interesting psychology.

if you have a lot of subscribers, they probably belong to one of the following types:

1, they want to be you,

you subscribe to a blog, then you probably want to be a blogger like that.

2, they want to contact you,

there is a famous author in one night to become one of the most popular blogs across the UK, the reason is very simple, her occupation is a london call girl, tens of thousands of readers in reading her blatant articles, although she didn’t sign, but the reader is willing to read. read more

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Month: July 2017 Outlet of small and medium sized enterprises’ independent electricity supplier operation

from August 1st this year, small and micro enterprises in the monthly sales of not more than 20 thousand yuan VAT, small-scale taxpayers and business tax payers, temporarily exempt from value-added tax and sales tax. This means that many small scale electricity supplier website will benefit from it. To Small and micro businesses or value-added tax and business tax, will greatly improve the grassroots electricity supplier team environment, Small and micro businesses more capital is not sufficient will enter the e-commerce industry, enhance profitability and sustainable management ability. This will promote a large number of small and micro enterprises electricity supplier, reducing operating costs, increasing employment, expanding social spending capacity, making e-commerce market size has been further increased. read more

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Month: July 2017 Jiang Chinese nternet users can not afford to feed all personal Adsense

recently wrote an article "personal webmaster site for what", caused some discussion, many webmaster began thinking about what should be on what as the establishment of the target, in the written after I also in the discussion atmosphere continue to think about this problem, but also have more understanding.

now has many personal webmaster purely on the website for the industry, and more and more people to join in, even going to get rich. However, a cruel reality is in front, that is, most of the individual webmaster can not achieve the goal, not the site to feed themselves, but by their own network of occupations in the maintenance of the site. read more

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Month: July 2017 10 no advice for freelancers nternet workers

‘s "10 No" advice to freelancers

this article was written by Samuel in freelance course:

my first time free of occupation in college, I was eager to do any website that will say for "anything", took no account of their technical ability or may be involved in the time. It was great at first because someone told me to do a technical job. Unfortunately, I soon found that I was spending all my time at work, eating instant noodles, and not going out to enjoy my wonderful college life. Worse, these people often put my contact to tell other customers with similar requirements (for example, a woman has been considered in the online selling dog sweaters, intends to use the $100 budget for an e-commerce website, print 1000 copies of the user manual, and to ensure that her client in Google search for "dog", "sweater" and "love" when this website can search results ranked first). read more

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Month: July 2017 As a station master can not forget the experience

one, some things are priceless!

day, I received a call from Hongkong telephone, about my second day at noon in Shenzhen Wuzhou Hotel meet, bring the business license and other related documents, I come to attend the meeting, in the cafe Wuzhou Hotel I met Mr. Luo Yubin and two attendants, because our website promotion is very strong, so Mr. Luo has learned from our website on the related business, so the talk time is very short, about three minutes, Mr. Luo to let me leave the relevant information, let men give me a logo design the letter, Mr. Luo Yubin’s signature above, I know this single business experience, we do business is to leave, when I excitedly, I suddenly realized, the price, the contract was not about, is not to be finalized later, so I still want to etc. They call me to talk about the price, after a day, financial suddenly told me that the company accounts more than a sum of money, is a very lucky number, after I see light suddenly, ignorant to understand for a moment, turned out to be Mr. Luo they paid us the cost of design, the integrity, the reliability for us I deeply feel inferior, deeply touched, I secretly determined, must produce a satisfactory answer to Mr. Luo they. This matter let me see Mr. Luo did not talk about the price, is not willing to make a living, creative logo hit the money label, he should lose it, I suddenly feel my responsibility, I need to revisit what I engaged in this work. read more

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Month: July 2017 Make one of the best movie stations

it’s not easy to do a movie station, especially in the new movie station. Here I share some ideas about my website, and the thoughts and details of the website.

1, a home movie station "recently updated", many movie station let CMS system to judge, this is very good, especially the new movie station, new station in the construction period, the period will certainly add a lot of old films, then the "recently updated" display is 08, 07. Even more some of the film before, which gives the user what impression? So I suggest the "recently updated" label a custom, according to the present movie time to read more

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Month: July 2017 Analysis of the establishment of user experience evaluation standards content and user index system

as its name suggests, user experience is a purely subjective psychological feeling, there are many uncertainties and individual differences, it is not easy to evaluate the user experience accurately.

is not easy because:

1. lacks standards about user experience

1) the definition of user experience has always been floating on the theoretical level and lacks explicit evaluation criteria.

2) different products have different emphases on the components of user experience.

2. lacks effective evaluation methods read more

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Month: July 2017 nterest is the productive force and the minority communities also have spring

, about ten years ago, I was a frequent visitor to BBS and gained a lot of enlightenment about computer and network knowledge in some interest based or geographical forums, and gained a lot of like-minded friends.

ten years later, many of the old forum are no longer exist or become a "ghost town", who had friends has moved to a large and comprehensive social network: Twitter, Sina, micro-blog, Google+, WeChat circle of friends, like a drop of water into the sea.

they never so close to me, every social network they have the account, every hour and moment does not appear in the timeline; but there seems to be more and more far, in the social platform they play a different identity, with a variety of labels for themselves, although we also often for each meal delicacy photos point of praise, but found like that of a common love cartoon character in-depth discussion becomes more and more difficult. read more

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Month: July 2017 Good soft Wen is such refining into

more and more enterprises pay attention to the soft text of the hype, however, to write a soft text is not easy. It involves not only writing basic skills, but also writing skills. I have often received, and read, comment on a lot of enterprise soft, soft text writing skills have the following:

1. title to vivid, vivid. As the saying goes, "people look at the face, trees look at the skin", an article to attract people, the key is that the title to color, to make people have a strong interest in reading. Otherwise, even if the content is better, but also because of a "ugly face" and readers missed. read more

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Month: July 2017 Layman’s eyes online recruitment is worth investing in business

now goes to the graduation season, the company has recently been busy recruitment, recruitment methods are diverse, in addition to the campus, the labor market, we also specially in the network platform to open up the booth, hope to attract some can take to sell their products to the miracle of Luffa talent. After this period of exploration and recruitment, from the initial effect of view, network recruitment to the most traffic, quality is also the highest.

in the online recruitment industry, the pattern is very clear, in addition to the traditional three, Zhaopin, qianchengwuyou,, plus headhunting network, small recruitment website other doesn’t get too much market share. From the data point of view, in 2011 China’s online recruitment market will reach 2 billion 630 million, accounting for the market capacity will occupy 54.3% of the overall recruitment market share, great potential for development. And this one, the traditional powers accounted for about 80% of the shares, the remaining 21% of the share by many small and medium-sized talent website share. In other words, many small websites simply do not do large-scale integrated recruitment sites. read more

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Month: July 2017 Discussion on gain and loss of station construction for six months

has been committed to the Internet industry, engaged in art design, program planning, post, early 09 to establish a personal website, since half a year, half a year as a rewarding, willing to share with you.

read a lot of webmaster writing articles, fruitful. I hope my experience can help the webmaster at the beginning of the station.

1, "backup web file"

initial stage, presumably server conditions are not very good, so many backups, a Monday is a must. The three station, due to various reasons (server, check the record, the government linked ICP for server IDC irresponsible) caused by the website file is missing. The most serious one, lost nearly a month of updated articles. This situation is very detrimental to Baidu included. Serious impact on Baidu update. read more

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Month: July 2017 am persistent but not enough focused so have been a small webmaster

if you count the days, it’s almost two years since the first station was built. In two years, more than 10 websites have been built.

received the GG US, this year received only once, MMD, but also met with the depreciation of the dollar, the end of the money, actually, the dollar has risen, depressed urgent.

help others site and proxy host domain name, exchange some and my pay extremely not relative RMB. Self perception is like this. Now the webmaster are cabbage price of manual workers, I just built the station when the price is at least 1500, no matter how simple the station. Now Suixingjiushi, no way, not to want to take the website made. Can sell a space to earn a ramen money, do not take the initiative to find the market, sent home to do. I need the space domain name for me, my agent, network fast net space, there is a space in Guangzhou’s double space, very good. Just look at my station, and will see. read more

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Month: July 2017 ndividual income tax website domain name registration 7 years to build brand old station

if someone says that they specialize in tax stations, I think they should have everything. Generally collect all aspects of content, send some policies, laws and other information. And websites like, which only target personal income taxes, are few. Now tell you why,

, why do you do that?.

first, let’s talk about the long tail word again. If our website directly to a "tax network", for personal Adsense, it is difficult to do well, because this kind of website needs too much content, too professional knowledge, and competition is relatively large. And choose "personal income tax" such words do, for me such personal Adsense, more appropriate. Because the content involved is relatively small, and there is not much specialized knowledge, it is easy to understand. Another key is that this should belong to the long tail word, but also has the flow of long tail words. read more

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Month: July 2017 nternet products need big brand strategy

in my cell phone, is a single company produced app, NetEase should be the most, including NetEase news client, NetEase, cloud reading, NetEase, cloud music, and so on. I use these products because they feel really good experience, but always feel that these products are missing the point of what are perceived, regardless of the user, or the media exposure, they do not seem to like today’s headlines, read more, cool dog music as a personalized distinctive brand features.

in addition, NetEase, NetEase lottery, NetEase, Tian Tian, NetEase, cloud class, and so on app. This is not a phenomenon unique to the NetEase, the Tencent launched a Tencent, Tencent, Tencent cloud map (mobile phone housekeeper in WeChat before the rise is QQ, their core brand, such as QQ, QQ and other music reading), Baidu not only myself out of a lot of Baidu app series, even to the acquisition of Android is eager to change optimize the master into Baidu mobile phone guardian, glutinous rice into Baidu Nuomi. We can find that the giants are invariably the main brand of their own unified company. They seem to have such an empire mentality: install APP, look for XX products. read more

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Month: July 2017 From programmers to Webmaster remember my website production operation process

long holiday, over and over again wandering in every webmaster forum, boring, lost and regret, think back to my 9 years of web course, although has not seen the success, but I still will not give up, because the site gave me too many important things: happiness, disappointment, and full confidence.

initial contact site production

2003 I third, non professional software in the library I accidentally saw a Asp programming books, the title is probably "ASP from entry to master" (because of the book super impression, led me to buy a book after selected with " the name from entry to the master " book), over a few fascinated, watching on his computer practice, when seen for the first time to write your own dynamic web page displayed in the browser, a strong self-confidence is full of my heart, it has been found that very deep web is so easy from now on, let me also can visually see the results of this program have a strong interest. read more

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Month: July 2017 Eight effective ways to stimulate your passion

You were born with a passion for

, it can make you do something unique in your life. Just like God, he gives the human world the inexhaustible supply of energy. Just like the unborn baby in your mother’s womb, you rotate it around you, and it lives and breathes inside you, even before the baby’s lungs develop.

what it depends on is the absence of prescribed thought. Passion is a gift of humanity, and although you have forgotten what passion is and how to acquire it, it is within you. The key is that releasing your passion is a process. Take a look at the step-by-step process, and follow its steps, and you will find that living with passion is not just a dream. read more

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