Suso: “Playing again with a 1% risk is crazy”

first_img* Data updated as of April 20, 2020 LaLiga Santander Suso, Milan attacker on loan at Sevilla, went through Canal Sur Radio’s microphones to analyze the situation in which he finds himself, both personally and as a group. The player from Cádiz clearly showed that his priority is to finish LaLiga, but as long as the resumption of the championship had all the sanitary guarantees: “I would like to finish the League, it is what a footballer wants, matches like the derby came, but if there is a 1% health risk it is crazy to play. I’m not saying that because of Sevilla’s classification, I don’t have any fear of finishing the league, if we were third it would be for something and we can surely defend that position.center_img “It would be an illusion to continue in Sevilla and also do it to play the Champions League, which is the competition the club deserves,” added Suso, who has all the ballots for Sevilla to exercise the purchase option they have on him when the season concludes. Logically, Suso was questioned about the salary reduction that has been made to the first team, something with which he agreed: “For my part, there was no problem in lowering my salary to help the club and the people of the club, in a tragedy putting a grain of sand is the least that needs to be done. “Finally, Suso could not help but regret the moment when the competition’s break came, since the team had regained its spirit and he saw himself being called by Luis Enrique for the international matches that were sighted on the calendar: “It was the perfect time, not for me but for Sevilla. It is true that there was a selection call with Luis Enrique and that he could be in it, because things went well and the team was also fine. “last_img

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